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Iowa Police are searching for fake credit card suspects on the web

darknet Iowa Police are searching for fake credit card suspects on the web
Darknet Iowa Police are searching for fake credit card suspects on the web

Client police are looking for criminals who use Central Iowa as a criminal.

Clive analyst Mario Coleman said he wanted to
Her husband says the credit card was copied or hidden
Central Iowa.

Recently created people.
They knocked on the ATM and took him to the store
“They took the money,” Coleman said.

Coleman said he was sure you were in the hospital
It was something cut like hospital coffee

They do it to encourage people to bank or block.
Shops, wholesalers or retailers are the products shown here.
“They make good use of fake cards,” Coleman said.

Coleman said 13 people were involved and all banks were customers.

According to the bank, these scammers started taking from the sellers.
Write the information online and send the person a text
They have decided to become true donors.

“They’ll see this text message.”
Correct answer “-” no “or specific answer” yes ”
Without permission, criminals should be called
This is his birthright
Banks. Judy spoke to the Selby Trust.

Bank officials promise to give criminals fake numbers
Apparently, the customer is talking to his bank on the phone. From the inside
He asks to include his notes
Banks don’t need it.

“We’re trying to ask strange questions or something.
Problem with the bag. If someone takes it, they know
To get the best balance at our expense, we’ll ask their name if they know
Remember their accounting knowledge numbers. – Selbin
He said.

You no longer need to log in or register online, Selby says
If so, don’t give them, contact the bank
Directly or for a branch.

If you receive a message requesting domain verification
Turn off the phone or answer it immediately
It seems that your bank does not change or contact the bank
You can also contact law enforcement officers to make any changes.


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