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It was a very dark thorn


May 1, 2014
Another sign hidden in the dust ends today. A few months ago, DarkBay marketplace announced today
It will close. But by the way, they are honest and don’t chase Bitcoin.

It is not clear why the market will close, but information from these departments shows that it has a market share
DarkBay has created a new Andromeda Marketplace and all users, products and ideas are transferred to the device.
Type Andromeda Marketplace has been released and is available
(Important phone).

In a market of misleading purchases, lies and uncertainties, it is best to check if you have shown signs of failure.
For most BTC users. We had high hopes for DarkBay and it was a shame to leave him, especially because the host was watching him.
Respect and honesty.
See what’s on the DarkBay page below

DarkBay closed on May 1, 2014
Tomorrow everyone,
It was an amazing month at Dark Bay, but now we have to stop. We worked faithfully from the beginning
The document; We promised to move heaven and earth to make sure BTC would not be stolen. See you today
As I promised. Today, we are proving that in-depth websites should not overflow with black lines and service providers. Goodbye
It is a place where you can do free and open business and we hope you remember it. An idea of what we did
Here and I will survive here. Ideas that cannot be named are forced to work or be forgotten. It is endless and as it is

I think Delphi represents the freedom of all of us, but unfortunately he is divided among us.
Black Bay has done a lot of successful activities and I hope people are very happy with their lives. For everything
To believe in darkness means to show me the world. I think the black character was intentional and ultimately thoughtful
Differences in the lives of people who use our services. I know its broken in my head and what we do here is real
Many thanks to everyone who joined you on this journey.

The market will be continuously unlocked until all BTCs are canceled and all open orders have ended.

Darkness will be with you until the end.

A month ago, a DarkBay team decided to create Andromeda and I think it works better than DB.
However, possible Andromeda developers share our thoughts, but they are more creative and courageous than ever. They came out
Loyalty and loyalty to Dubai last month. I retired as an administrator and moved to Darkbe
Do Andromeda Marketplace. All users, products and comments will be sent there. It should be fully manufactured and in general
DB accounts must be registered in Andorida. I no longer work as a marketing manager at Dark Bay
But I want Andromeda to know that they have my eternal recognition and wish Andromeda a victory.
All Bay Bay offers are free of manufacturer Andrida.

Andromeda Market

Now Darkbee gets away with a lot of grass. A weak and constant work, we do the opposite
Any illegal act or refusal may infringe our rights.

Business wars now cost more lives than medicine. Right. I find myself in the shaft of lies; LE
I’m blind, but I’m screwed. The secret society we have built is a false political system.
From time to time, the ph. Just remember that we were not wrong; Our opinions are spread across the walls
Disappointment and frustration are a factor in our success, as we seek and decompress all fallen concrete.
It was a final depiction of politics;
Any number:
What do you think of winning the battle you’ve already done?
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