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Darknet It's alright

I forgot to mention that when discussing future metadata for an image, there is another issue called EXIF.
Data processing is another way that the formation of metadata cannot be ignored.
Device on.

EXIF information is obtained by editing image files and printing JPG, JPEF, TIF and WAV files. Photos taken with GPS
The camera displays the location or time and the ID of the person using the device.
Most users do not understand the information. In December 2012, anti-virus program John McAfee was arrested on a flight to
It has been an area since the disaster in Belize.

[Newspaper article
The trip was subject to interesting conversations with McAfee, which featured a photo of McAfee taken over the phone with News
Geographical indications. The shooting was based on a McAfee GPS survey in Guatemala and he was arrested for two days.
After that.

To avoid this, upload the image with PNG as EXIF data will not be saved. See if you have EXIF images
See this page for more information. [
Or you can download the tool by searching the Internet for an EXIF file by viewing your photos before uploading.

Be careful with files that are published on the internet because you never know how bad information you can collect.
Mosquitoes are useful, but you have to take into account everything that is published on the Internet
You are always there for the day when the canal comes to your doorstep.


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