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Jokaro invites hackers to join him at his discretion

darknet Jokaro invites hackers to join him at his discretion
Darknet Jokaro invites hackers to join him at his discretion

[New offer of software as a service
(Ras) is now used in collaboration with various members.

Encouraging the hacking darkness, the Joker gives its users the right to pay and charge.

It is a web service that allows hackers to properly track payment and distribution methods.

Partnerships with Radars should cover project areas given to their clients.

RaaS serves as a training ground for amateur hairdressers because it makes it easier for them to introduce technology.

Hackers with little knowledge of cyber attack can do this without sticking with the malicious software they use.

A joke story
A cyber security network researcher on Twitter under Damian1338B claimed that the original JEuropeo RaaS was sold.
GandCrab RaaSolengware.

The developer was founded by, a phishing organization.

In fact, shortly after another killer, David Montenegro (@CryptoInsane) reported that RaaS was named.
Western Europe.

Developer Justo has started developing RaaS on Twitter. They also say they have no problem with GandCrab.


Report by Lawrence Abrams Technology
[He’s a dissenter
Unlike individual CAPs provided by developers.

The weak points of Ukraine are that it offers its service in three packages.

To access the rice, you must enter the required special package.

The lowest price for these packages is $ 90. At this price, the industry received 85% of the purchase price.

The $ 90 package includes a list of the best interests in the set. For one, they can
Choose the solution you want and customize it to your needs.

Below is a picture of a group of Josiah victims. Source: Kryptoinson

I can also use banner options and hint options.

In addition, cheap package users want to use support services to help victims.

They can also provide a dashboard for all victims to find their IP addresses.

This package allows users to change bitcoins. Those with the software will be available

The other two packages cost $ 300 and $ 600 respectively, and one section can be useful. Inclusion is
Many re-encryption options include the cost, presentation and encryption of Salsa 20.

Other symptoms include race
In addition to the benefits Jokeru offers, the creator has announced that users will benefit from Race.

The makers have promised to receive hacking information to search for the Race Competition.

Provide information about the list of victims / targets, the duration of the attacks, the amount of money received in French and
Payment status.

Below is a screenshot of what the list of victims looks like according to Gothas tweets.

Screenshot of the list of Jokeroo Ransomware-as-Service victims.
List of information panels for Jokeroo Ransomware-as-a-Service victims. Source: @CryptoInsane
The activity report shall also indicate:


Source for reporting to Jess: @Cripto Essence
Additionally, users can see the status of their victims and their Windows operating system
They use them.

Depending on the package selected, users can choose what will appear on the payment list.

Protection of bodies and other persons

There are other factors that determine how removal may occur for users with malware.

One way to protect your data is with backup. Users can store additional files in their files on an external drive or cloud
Make sure you get back additional security.

In addition, the computer software must be up to date. Updated program updates ensure timeliness and anonymity
the vulnerability of clean systems so that internet users do not run the risk of using them in combat.

Advertisers can block their users with files and links.
For this reason, it is important to avoid suspicious links or download them using antivirus software before opening them.


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Check that the page will drop and stop working. FFS


If this is true, do not offend ignorance !!!


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Since 2015, approximately 600,600 studies have been conducted on the German Black Market.

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