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Joker Ransomware invites hackers to participate in affiliate programs

darknet Joker Ransomware invites hackers to participate in affiliate programs
Darknet Joker Ransomware invites hackers to participate in affiliate programs

[And a new Windows service
(RAW) now offers membership in various packages.

When it comes to marketing on the Dark Hack site, Joker offers RenoWare users a paycheck that works well.

NC ransomware services allow hackers to search, register, and distribute payments.

Members must pay the developer the price of the purchase.

Ras works as a training ground for great amateurs, because it allows spyware to work.

Developers with little knowledge of how to set up a website can do this without encrypting the malware.

History of the language
Damien pointed out that under the tag 1338b, spyware security investigators on Twitter were selling Jerubio’s shit like a sale.
GandCrabombolawareware RaaS.

The creator of this forum updated the army on

Later, a researcher, David Montenegro (ryCryptoInsane), posted on Twitter that his name was RaaS.

Creator Jocro RaaS has launched on his Twitter. They also claimed there were no problems with GandCrab.


According to Lawrence Abrams, the computer system is on fire
This is different from RaaS in terms of components.

Abrams says Justo’s unique function is to offer its services in three packages.

For Ross non-affiliates, they must register for their specific package.

The minimum cost for this package is 90. At this price, a partner will receive 85% of the purchase cost.

This $ 90 package comes with a list of benefits that organizations can choose from. They still have many options
Choose the ransom they are looking for and get what you need.

Photo with the victim Service Purchase Panel. Source: Cryptoencense

They can also use their own logo, details and icons of their choice.

In addition, the low-cost package allows its partners to infect as many victims as possible through ransom software.

It also manages the IP addresses of all victims on the control panel.

This package allows customers to trade in Bitcoin exchanges. Those with antivirus software have unauthorized access

The other two packages cost $ 300- $ 600 and allow employees to keep all the cash. It has the added benefit of being
different versions of software replacements, payment strategy codes and redirects with Salsa20.

Other features offered by RaaS
In addition to the many benefits it offers in the queue, supporters report that consumers will also benefit from RaaS.

Meanwhile, creators have been getting information about hacker attacks in the world of RaaS control.

Invices include a list of victims / receipts, time of the attack, the amount they received as part of the payment, and
Price control.

Below is a brief description of what appears in this list, according to Montenegro tweets.

Photo of Jokruengweverware-Service Recent Articles.
Picture of the Joker R Purple-Services console screen. Source: Cryptoinsign
A line like this

Description of Control Panel Joker.

] Tell the Joker about the event information Source: @CryptoInsane
The hacker will experience the geographical location of the victims as well as the version of the Windows operating system.

Depending on what they choose, consumers can decide for themselves what to do with their savings.

Solving risky and different life problems.

If you see how easy the problem with a white boxer is, beware of cyberattacks.

One way to save this data is to back it up. The user can save multiple copies of the file to an external operator or cloud
Make sure your back is more closed.

Computer program needs to be updated. Regular software updates provide accurate analysis
The system eliminates criminal immunity and afflicts criminals against attacks.

Hackers use malicious files and links to break into the virtual world.
Therefore, please do not delete suspicious attachments or links or check for malware before opening them.


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Free I promise to recover from that $ 3,000 price tag


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