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Jwesto Rengware asks hackers to participate in their joint program

darknet Jwesto Rengware asks hackers to participate in their joint program
Darknet Jwesto Rengware asks hackers to participate in their joint program

[The New Receiver is a service
(Ross) currently offers subscription packages to partner companies.

It is based on the development of the Darknet login page, allowing users to make full use of the information and payments they

The software software service allows hackers to enter the redemption and distribute it as needed.

Ross Communications should allow customers to share what they have with their customers.

Ross acts as a training center for the waves and allows you to start rinsomware marketing.

Coaches who do not specialize in cyber attacks can do so without leaving their software vulnerable.

job title
Underwear @ Damien 1338b A cybersecurity researcher on Twitter explained that the Joker Rush was originally out of the store.
Rhino rhino.

Exploit.n. Developments have created a terrible curse.

Shortly thereafter, another researcher, Kryptonson, adopted the name Rice.
That’s fine.

Every now and then the developers of Zokro started posting Rice on Twitter. He further added that he had nothing to do with

Joachim Ano

According to Lawrence Abram’s Law on the Society of Sleep
Rice is different from other rice for its cultivation.

Abram Jokeru’s unique device offers three services.

To join RaaS, they have to pay in advance for the package they need.

The minimum package price is $ 90. At this price, the industry receives 85% of the purchase price.

The $ 90 plan includes a list of partner benefits. I can do it
Select the ransomware and configure it according to your needs.

List of victims affected by the software when viewing the dashboard. Source: ry CryptoInsign

They can use their logos, extensions and images.

It also allows manufacturers of inexpensive packages to use cheap software as they wish.

They also helped look for all IP victims on the dashboard that provided the IP address.

With this wallet, users can exchange bitcoins. People with antivirus software could not be traced

The other two packages cost between $ 300 and 600 and partners are allowed to save all their money. again
Different types of software for purchasing, paying and processing Salsa 20.

Adding RIS programs
In addition to the many benefits offered by Justo, developers have announced that consumers will give more money than the

The developers have promised that Western users will now be able to learn more about the machine at the Ross Control Panel’s

Provide details of the list of victims / victims at the time of the attack, the amount received at the time of purchase, and their
Gift Shop

Below is a picture according to Montenegro’s offer of the victims.

Photographers list developers-as-a-service
Take a look at the list of participants in paid Joker games as a service. Source: @CryptoInsane
The project report includes:


] Report Jussia table. Source: ry CryptoInsign
In addition, hackers can detect their location on the Windows operating system.
The work.

In addition, users can choose to view an item based on the selected package.

Demons and other protections

To make it easy for their leaders to get in, we need to be careful and attack the internet.

One way to protect your information is to back off. Users can save other copies of their files to external drives or services.
Make sure your copies are written in brackets for added security.

The computer program should also be improved. Periodic broadcast software updates provide periodic updates
Removing weak from the system is no chance that criminals can use it in their attacks.

People covered with safe use and complaints.
Therefore, it is important to avoid or regulate antimicrobial disease before opening suspicious programs and references.


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Since 2015, Germany has conducted about 600 investigations into darknet markets

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