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Ke3chang APT Group was merged with Okrum’s back doors

ESET APT Ke3chang research group
The group is still active.
Update your code.

Since then, researchers have discovered a new generation of Welsh families.
I collaborated with Ke3chang and thought it was missing
China. Behind the scenes of these films are about extra time, DNA of Ketrisyan, Oklahoma and the Royal Family.
It depends on the threat group.

Okram back door First opened in December 2016.
Slovakia, Belgium, Chile, Guatemala and
Follow a blog post on July 18, 2017 in Brazil

Ke3chang top link analytics
Using newly created software with Okram Backdoor,
Oklam is believed to be led by a researcher named K3 Chang Group
I have already written. K3 records Chang Sheet activities from 2015 to 2019
They conclude that the team is still working and working to improve
Password time

According to researchers, Okira is used in American waste
We’re out of our 2017 Katrick bag
The mobile library is full of settings and the first two steps
The service is stored in a PNG payment file.

In addition, Okram has the same 3 Cheng models
Equipped with reverse initial control. :
Follow the instructions of the malware, write a shell note and execute it
Poor quality of equipment.

The last three focus on one type and several types of organization
The boat was also targeted in the attack
Royalty NS Department.


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