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King of child pornography Ping Pong begged for federal prison for 300 years

darknet King of child pornography Ping Pong begged for federal prison for 300 years
Darknet King of child pornography Ping Pong begged for federal prison for 300 years

On Thursday, the man was identified by the word “child sex”
Maryland Federal Court Hosts High Email Launch Server
8.5 million child porn.

Rick Jean Marquez, 33, an American and Irish citizen, has been charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with minors.

Marx has been in state prison for 15-30 years. The decision will be read on May 11 in the Greenbelt.

Prosecutors say they face up to 15 years in prison
United States District Judge Theodore Chuan served for 21 years
This offer ends.

“This is an opportunity for an individual to easily attack over a million people and hide their place on a website,” said Robert
Kay. Ho, Maryland-based US attorney. Robert Q. Hugh, United States attorney in Maryland.

Marcus admitted that he worked from July 2008 to July 2013 to bring visitors to the “Black Web”. This service allows users to view
and view child pornography without revealing their IP address.

Of the 8.5 million photos or videos you have listed
Merchants, almost two million victims and anonymous
Performance. Photos from “Children”;
According to the prosecutor, they use it to insult and slander.

May July 2013 FB is headquartered in Maryland. The agents were able to trace the network of agents and, according to court
documents, they were able to view the announcements of 7,700 members and family members with 22,000 messages.

Prosecutors say another one million files were uploaded to the same server elsewhere.

Mark was arrested in 2013 while living with his father in Dublin. He was arrested by an Irishman, although authorities have not
charged him.

He is fighting for publication in the United States
Six years ago, they were missing in March 2019. American officials
one month after the official prosecution.

In the extradition case, an FQB spokeswoman described Marquez as “the worst foreigner in child porn”.


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