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Libertas was previously imprisoned in the United States for six years on the Silk Road

darknet Libertas was previously imprisoned in the United States for six years on the Silk Road
Darknet Libertas was previously imprisoned in the United States for six years on the Silk Road

Irish have been held captive in the United States for more than six years.
He spent several years in prison for his work as a moderator of the Silk Road Project website.

Gary Davis, Wicklow, 31, of Wicklow, pleaded guilty last week to drug possession.

The Silk Road is a black market for illegal drugs and other online products.

This website is valid for 2011-2013.
Thousands of pharmacists and others involved were involved
200 million illegal drugs

Gary Davis, who played Libertas, was a web editor and paid webmaster.
Pay weekly salary.

Gerry Davis Liberta Silk Street [taught by Davis
Silkroad was arrested in Ireland in January 2014 as a party owner and chief marketing officer and was subsequently transferred to
the United States.

He claims he then shared the plot in October.

A federal court in Manhattan yesterday sentenced him to 78 months in prison, which is six and a half years.

He was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $ 25,000.

The first words of USAO

Jeffrey S. Berman, United States Southern New York Attorney, Gary Davis, 1kg / Libertas,
He was sentenced today to 78 months in prison for serving as a member of the Silk Road Network.
The Silk Road is the longest representation in the world. The code of conduct was implemented during 2011-2013.
Thousands of traffickers and traffickers sell up to $ 200 billion for drugs and other illicit drugs
Hundreds of dollars winning goods and services and crime for more than 700,000 sellers
Performance. United States of America. Davis is preparing a lawsuit against District Judge Jesse M. It is a decree that he also
issued his age.

Manhattan attorney Jeffrey S. says Gary Davis is helping launch the Black Silk Road website. Berman said
Crime, revenge and other crimes. Davis was arrested, deported to Ireland, convicted and imprisoned
This prayer should send a vague message: Black no longer respects the protection of ridicule
Part of the law

According to the charges against the defendants, court decisions, statements and witnesses were published in 2006.
Linn Process of Ros Albercht in 2015, founder of Silicon Veins:

Between January 2011 and October 2, 2013, a black market was purchased at Cill Road Station.
The Internet allows users to buy and sell illegal products and services. When applied
For more than two and a half years, Silk Road has been used to distribute more than 4,000 illegal goods and services.
More than 100,000 items, hundreds of pounds of illicit drugs, counterfeit certificates and passports, computer equipment and
Counterfeit products, products and media for parents and financial fraud. In total, more than 1.5 million transactions were
carried out
Silk Road earned more than $ 213 million. About 95% of sales
(Approximately $ 183 million) for illicit drugs.

Rose William Albert’s owner and CEO, Silk Road, and / or Fear Pirates Roberts, and / or DPR, and / or Silk Road.
This site is now supported by fans, including site administrators and administrators. P
The Council is responsible for dealing with the problems of Silk Road customers, controlling the problems
Customer service issues and disagreements between buyers and sellers. Forum leaders are responsible, eg.
Second: online forums monitor user activity, instruct forum users
Report on how business is conducted on Silly Street and the important issues discussed at the forum
And Albrecht.

Linn From May 2013 to June 2013, Gary moderated the DAVIS A / k / Librius Libra Silk Road Forum. Of
Linn Around June 2013 and October 2, 2013, Davis served as Regional Manager for Silk Street. In your personal position
Responsibility for DVIS (1), including responses to Silk Road users who provide customer service
Understand the buyer’s or seller’s account on the market, (2) Investigate disputes between suppliers (p.
Drug dealers) and products that provide results, including albicans; And (3) to assist in implementing business requirements
Alberch Silk Road. For example, there was a rule in the sale of related products e. J. Victor a
Buyers save money by not paying for the road. DAVIS in case of violation of this rule
He had the opportunity to reduce sales or turn retailers (for example, Albrecht) into a big party. Albrecht plays DAVIS every
Salary for the CEO.

When the law was passed, on October 1, 2013, it closed the Silk Road due to the spread of Silk.
Route 2.0 has been released. From November 2013 to December 2013, Davis was a director of Silk Road


Wicklow, 31, of Gary Davis, Ireland, was sentenced to three years in prison and life in prison.
He lost 25,000.

Negotiating efforts by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Special Services in New York
U.S. Cyber Division, Immigration, and Effective Drug Safety Control Practices in Chicago and Ohro
New York Field Department Administration and New York Internship Service, Field Criminal Investigation Office. Sir.
Berman thanked Gordi Siochani and state electronics for investigating the crime.
For justice, assistance and international affiliation.

The case is being prosecuted by the Treasury of the Internet and Internet crimes. we are Dr.’s Attorney. Michael D.
In Young Tea and Timothy, Nef T. Howard watched the show.


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