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Linux: a new solution for gamers

darknet Linux: a new solution for gamers
Darknet Linux: a new solution for gamers

[Allows Linux to build hardware
Additional scars

Spoilers have tools that can be used for various purposes. But this is the most important part of all Linux
Operating system. Because of its basic features, Linux allows its users to attack easily and simply
Compare with other operating systems.

Below is a complete list of why gateways prefer Linux over operating systems:

1. Pul-pul
So far, shutting down Linux and other operating systems is the most important task. Available OS codes
Someone. If they want to make more changes, its possible. All they have to do is look at the numbers and add them together
The job they want. Making changes depends on whether the characters are well managed
No service selected for the selected user. In fact, it means that everyone wants a better place
Developers can do this without restricting the development of collaborating operating systems.
Different people.

2. and money
Unlike the Windows or Macs that are available, Linux is completely free to access and use. About this
Hard workers and other people have found a way to do their job without doing anything
Operating system services.

3. EGO is not safe to use
Recently, the world has been the genocide of the greatest victims in the history of many countries in the world.
As well as government agencies, hospitals, international companies, private companies and so on. But the virus is called WannaCry
Or WCry does not affect Linux users; Windows devices only. Linux users are not affected
The program emphasizes that the system is very reliable. American research
The idea is that Windows has limitations and does not share systems on Linux. It’s here
Other characters can be used on social media.

Linux has no effect
The virus indicates that the system is secure.

4. IT protection
Linux users have a lot of personal information because they don’t have to provide information in a way that requires a login.
Invoice For example, Windows users need to be signed in to a Microsoft account. Use this user information
Programmer distribution. This means that developers can monitor all the steps taken by the laptop and stop online.

5. Find products that do not have Mac and Windows operating system products
While hackers use Linux to carry out various attacks, most of the tools are of course designed for this system.
Works on hacking hosts. In fact, Linux cannot tell you what kind of software you are downloading

For example, some window settings apply strict standards, so users are not allowed to change them. Because
Hackers prefer to switch to Linux because it has no functionality and no external power to manage it. Then the truth is
Linux is compatible with all computers on all other operating systems.

User. The user can switch from the operating system.
Users of the operating system can make any changes that suit their needs as appropriate to their code
The global hacker community has different purposes and needs. That’s true
This makes Linux the best hub for hackers to learn code and use other settings. For example, hackers
Anyone planning to reduce DDoS attacks should have a separate tool than the design for hosting SQL injection. Linux
This allows users to customize it to their liking. This makes it easier for hackers to manage the tools
Match what they want to achieve.

7. Linux fast system
Due to its small size, installation from Windows is so fast that it becomes a popular choice. Not too much
On Linux operating systems, the system still works fine. Compared to other operating systems, several factors are involved
With the advent of the computer, Linux will no longer be as reliable and popular. performed
With the development of YouTuber, Linux will update faster than Mac or Windows. He also says no
They often need to boot the system on Linux and other operating systems.

8. This is the definition of friends
The fact that the operating system is open means that it is so clear that you can see all the details of it.
There is a lot of information on the software code, software developers and trackers available on the server and you can stay up
to date.
there will be time.

However, those who are busy with it do not need to choose their needs in terms of knowledge.
Its obvious why models want to use Linux. Nou is another type of program that doesnt work with them
The compensation is that they are forced to be different from each other. In short, the factors that can determine the types
The operating system you want to use is the same as the age group or job description. As a result, you are less likely to face
Use Windows because it requires practice because the operating system is open.


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