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Linux: the first seller of new hackers

darknet Linux: the first seller of new hackers
Darknet Linux: the first seller of new hackers

[Allows Linux to run the wizard
A slow attack

There are tools that enable hackers to do a lot of work. But the biggest complaint is Linux
The operating system. Thanks to the basic Linux component, hackers can attack easily and efficiently.
Compared to other systems

Here’s a list of reasons why hackers copy Linux to other systems:

1. Open space
This is the key that distinguishes Linux from other operating systems. Source code is available for the operating system.
Take a look at one. When they want to make more changes, they can. All you have to do is check the law and add it
They need elements. In fact, the effectiveness of these changes is determined by the high level of professional achievements.
There are no applications for global users. Money for those who like structure and want to continue their contribution
Since operating systems are compatible with development support, this can be done without interrupting development.
Between different people.

2. Freeze
Unlike Windows or Mac, developers have to pay for it, and Linux is free to use and use. because of this
Researchers and other researchers have found that they can do business for free.
Tariffs for services in the administration system.

3. Safe use
Recently, the world’s largest crisis has been shocked by historic transnational corporations, which afflict many institutions.
This includes government agencies, hospitals, international, private companies and more. This virus is called WannaCry.
Does WCC affect Linux users; Block only cars. Because Linux user is not very painful
This situation once again proves that the virus is a safe procedure. Find America
The absence of social networks Niti suggests that Windows operating systems have defects in file sharing processes, and not in
Linux. Here
Information is cleared of third parties and used to deceive the public.

[Linux doesn’t matter
However, the virus proves that the system is safe.

Improve IT data protection
Linux users have more privacy because they don’t have to provide their details to log in.
Windows users must log in to their Microsoft account to use your account. This user’s information
Written by the designer. This means that users can fully monitor the computer and turn off the Internet.

IT ICC servers are not available on Mac OS and Windows
Since Linux uses Linux to perform various attacks, it is doubtful that many devices will be created.
Run Rom Run, Ribbon and Linux offer you the possibility to transfer a portable Boolean logic type

For example, some Windows settings contain a fixed icon that the user cannot change. why this
Users choose to switch to Linux because their applications are optional and are not blocked by external power supplies. Honestly
Although Linux is compatible with all computers, it offers advantages over other types of operating systems.

Available to users of the New York operating system.
Operating system users can vary depending on their requirements. The source code is provided. All kinds
The global hockey community has different goals and needs. Yes it is
Linux works best for animation because it finds and improves the current code. For example a criminal
Anyone who wants SQL Injection Management needs a completely separate tool to perform DDoS attacks. Linux
This allows users to customize their needs. Therefore, the processing of the device is convenient
Preach what you want to achieve.

Again. Linux works fine
Due to its small size, the installation is faster than Windows, so it leaves a choice. Beat more
The operating system runs on Linux, and the system runs normally. Unlike other operating systems
Computers are slow, unlike Linux, which is reliable and optional. With me
Linux for quick updates from YouTube, Mac or Windows users. Except for him, he said no
They should always use their Linux systems and software.

This is the ultimate plan
An open source operating system means that you can see all the details about it from a very direct perspective.
Information about icons, developers, developers is available on the web, and anyone can track progress.
It’s time.

Those who can make changes to the request cannot intelligently share the translation.
The reasons above are clear as to why hackers prefer Linux. Other operating system types
Their personal qualities and needs vary depending on location. In short, what sets the brand apart
Age statement or job description equal to the age of the user using the operating system. Because of this, customers often lose
It runs Windows because it affects its performance because the operating system is not open.


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