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Linux: The latest update that hackers love

darknet Linux: The latest update that hackers love
Darknet Linux: The latest update that hackers love

[Allows hackers to run Linux
Flexible exposure

Hackers use the tools they use to perform various operations. The most important thing is Linux
Operational system. Because of its core functionality, Linux enables hackers to launch attacks more flexibly and comfortably.
Compared to other types of operating systems.

Here’s a list of reasons why hackers prefer Linux over other operating systems:

1. Open options
So far, Linux is the most important feature that distinguishes it from other operating systems. The source code for the operating
system is available
One. You can do this if you want to do more. All you have to do is find the number and add it
The ability to work with these changes depends on the maximum level of the maximum level
No work for representative. This means that whoever wants to test it, stays on the platform
Although the operating system has grown through collaboration, the potential for development is continuous on all sides.
Among different people

2. Free to use
Unlike Windows or Mac, developers have to pay a fee for using it, Linux is completely free to access and use. Therefore
As a result, hackers and others have an advantage where they can pursue free activities.
Payment system.

3. Time passes
Recently, several organizations in the world have witnessed the biggest ransom attack in history.
Like government agencies, hospitals, international organizations, NGOs and others. However, the virus is called Vancouver
Or videos have never affected users who work on Linux. The only device with Windows. Because Linux users have never been affected
Virus, these data further confirm that the system is more secure. Discover America
The news agency noted that the Windows operating system is vulnerable to sharing processes that are not available in Linux. this
This information was shared with other drivers who used it to access human devices

[Linux was never affected
Viruses that prove that the system is secure.

Help protect privacy
Linux users are privacy because they don’t want to provide their details because they want to subscribe.
For example, Windows users need to sign in to their Microsoft account. This is user information
Under the Creator. This means that users can think about what they can do on their laptops in violation of the internet.

ITC tools not available on Mac OS and Windows
Since Linux uses Linux to carry out a variety of attacks, it is undoubtedly intended for very large devices.
Hosting implementation. In fact, Linux prevents you from downloading the program you downloaded.
the system.

For example, some windows are strictly controlled by windows, so users cannot change them. about this
Hackers chose Linux because their work was optional and there is no external force that limits it. Even fucked up
Linux is compatible with all computers and compatible with most other types of operating systems.

New York. Management systems can be customized to meet customer needs.
OS users can adapt to their needs and provide the source code. Something like this
The international community has different goals and needs. fact that
Linux has become a huge node for hackers as they learn the current code and prioritize others. For example, a hacker
Those who want to change SQL entry need a completely different tool to facilitate DDoS attacks. Linux
This allows the user to make changes to his needs. This allows the intruder to fall into the device.
Set what you want to achieve.

Because of its size, the configuration is faster than Windows, so it is an acceptable choice. Similarly when there are many of
The work is done on Linux, the system works normally. Unlike many other operating systems
On a slow computer, Linux is not the same, so it is more reliable and recommended. Yes
With YouTube software, Linux is faster than Mac or Windows. He also said no
It is usually necessary to restart the Linux system, as on other workstations.

8. There is PLATFORM transparency
The accuracy of open source design means that it is very transparent in terms of its video content.
Source code information, beginner developers and contributors are available online and can be tracked successfully.
Wassht made in time.

People who often change it to their own needs often refuse to distribute copies of their decisions.
The above scenario explains why hackers often use Linux. Although there are other types of performance
In fact, human needs are different. In short, factors can determine the type
The operating system used by the user corresponds to the program age or job description. Therefore, you rarely find pirates
Use Windows because it prevents work because the workflow is not open.


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