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Linux: update on favorite hackers

darknet Linux: update on favorite hackers
Darknet Linux: update on favorite hackers

Linux supports design to improve performance
It can easily remove it

Armor has weapons that you can use in a variety of attacks. But most importantly, Linux
operating system. Due to the good interface, Linux makes it easy for users to customize
Compared to other types of work.

Below is a full list of why people love Linux more than any other operating system.

1. here
By far, it is the best Linux platform on other platforms. Source code is available on O.S.
This can happen initially if they want to change. They can see all the code and help
Of course, their properties depend on the number of variations from the beginning.
No port work. Yes, it means that people want to create a platform and participate in it.
It has the power to do so without hindering development, in other ways.
for some people.

2. You can
Unlike Windows or Mac, where users have to pay for usage, Linux does not have full access to the application. I am
Why hackers and others have found a size that allows them to work without load
Pay for os

3. This is the best thing ever
Recently, the world has seen a dramatic price change on many organizations in many countries.
This includes institutions, hospitals, multinationals, specialty companies and more. However, this virus is called a virus.
Or WCry has no effect on Linux users. Windows only works. Because Linux users are not harmed
Viruses make the process safe. American science
Smart teams have discovered that Windows OS on Linux does not put file sharing at risk. Is one
This information is then transferred to a third party that uses it to attach the item.

[Linux was not killed
Virus, make sure the system is safe.

Privacy: Improves privacy.
Linux users have more privacy because they do not need to enter their data to access them.
Your account, such as Windows, requires the user to log in to their Microsoft account. Therefore, user information is unknown
Sending to a developer means that developers can control all activities on the laptop, thus blocking the Internet.

Tools: These tools are not available on Mac and Windows
Because hackers use Linux to perform various attacks, they do not deny that most tools are designed for them.
Implement hacking host. In fact, Linux refuses to command what kind of software you want to load.

For example, some Windows settings are very standard, so users cannot change them. Because of
Hackers choose Linux because their activities depend on the choice and no external power restricts it. And then the facts
The fact that Linux is more compatible with any computer allows it to take advantage of other types of operating systems.

The operating system can be tailored to the needs of the users.
Operating system users can make changes to suit their needs as the source code is available. Of any type
Tragic societies have different goals, and their needs are different. It really is
Linux makes it the best hacker site because it checks the current code and makes other changes. For example, a hacker
Anyone who wants to help with the DDoS attack needs a variety of tools from people who want to implement the SQL code. Linux:
Allows users to change it if necessary. This allows hackers to control the devices.
Consequently, they want to reach them.

OS operating system connection
Due to its small size, production is faster than blocks, so you can make a good choice. Although awesome
It does not run the Linux operating system normally. Unlike other services, some jobs work
The computer jumped, Linux couldn’t match, and then it had to be reliable and nice. As a result of this
Update YouTube, Linux, Mac or Windows faster. People also said he was not married
Most often, they have to boot their own Linux operating system than any other Linux operating system.

8. It’s a remarkable situation
The fact that an operating system is open means that it is very doubtful that you can see all the information concerning it.
Source code, developer and online partner information can be updated and updated
It took time.

However, people who meet their needs gradually share their own style of decision making.
The above method explains why most hackers use Linux. A lot of work has been done
To be successful, everyone must be different. In short: these types of factors
Operating system users receive the same age, age, or customer service information. For this reason, you will not see any
Use Windows because it interferes with the workload because it does not open the operation.


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