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LoudMiner Malware, which affects virtual machines, comes with stolen studio software.

Updated July 18, 2019

Bad soldiers who can get an infection get a small hand
A virtual machine for Linux with cryptocurrencies based on KSMric
Stolen copies were made with Virtual Studio Technology (VST) software

Moner’s first software, Medtechor Laoud Teminar, was released in August
In 2018, KEMU is collaborating with Maggode to break the vision
Machine and virtual box on Windows devices.

ESET investigators linked the fraud to vstcrackcom to its website, where they found 137 suspicious ads.
MacOS and VSD have 95 connected applications. On company posters
[, Ro, ESET determination technology Michael Malik
Researchers can confirm the existence of Loudminer in one of these applications and work on this understanding.
The rest are Trojans.

Virtual Studio Technology (VST)
Integrate software with audio and digital systems
ESET believes the work center targeted VST users
They are designed for users who need high-powered motors
High CPU usage. The ropes are also considered in blog posts
The user downloaded one of the stolen devices
Make use of 100% of the resources available.

Example of a fraud scheme used by an external partner
Server and often updates with new type
Smoke Propeller Head, Appleton Live, Nipple 1, Nexus, 6 Reactor and
Direct Path.

Each of these programs is flexible. Linux
Core Linux 9.0 Minor selected image is designed for SMRig application. Mother
Other files to help extend it
It can start all of a sudden.

It is natural that these projects are often difficult
This is good evidence. Radiators use this
In a blog post, Malik VM. Viharaya,
The decision to use the same machine instead of the wrong solution ended
Of course, this is not something we see very often.

Researchers have found three types of Loudminer for Mac and four for Windows.

There are three versions of MacOS with the entire desktop of QEMU Linux
Demons can be used to create and install scripts
Write a letter and continue. It also includes a CPU slot
A combination of events and demons in a mine that can start or stop a mine
Processor application and user interface
Action evaluation request

Windows version is installed as MSI installer
Destroy the Linux application, virtual disk, and desktop.


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