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Mac users are at risk of being aware of phishing attacks

darknet Mac users are at risk of being aware of phishing attacks
Darknet Mac users are at risk of being aware of phishing attacks

Apple users are attacked
The first in 2019. In the first half of the year, it will increase from 9 percent to 1.6 million
Thats more in 2019 and 2018
Data from recent studies.

Total number of phishing attacks
The fee is the focus of nearly six in the first 2019. Half a year
Compared to 7.3 million. 2018
Kaspersky threatens Mac users in 2019

Virus volume
For Lama Target macros
Windows researchers say it’s a platform for phishing attacks
Agnostic may pose a greater risk to Mac and iOS users, possibly less
Beware of Windows users.

39.95 out of six attacks in Mauka
A percentage of them seek to steal financial information from consumers, which is more.
10%. The most dangerous family is called Schlayer
Hidden users, such as Adobe Flash, have the ability to install it
Player news

Paying attention to online security threats related to online security creates a misunderstanding
Safety when it comes to Apple devices. The misconception about the immunity of the device has attracted the attention of people
Therefore, being a victim of this type of attack is very stable. As a result, we see sustainable development
Security investigator David M. said the trend and scale of these attacks are growing every year.

Successful iCloud theft
Account information for your iPhone or iPhone can have serious consequences
An iPad user can be blocked or remotely removed by a malicious user
For example We demand more attention from those who use Apple devices
E-mail of technical support received
Search for your details or visit the link, said Tatiana Sidorina,
Kaspersky Security Investigator on note.

Dominant device security consultant Gorin Imam said consumer confidence could be a problem.

Machines are usually considered safer because they are often poorly managed and do not allow the Apple Gatekeeper to be
In addition to installed applications, Macintosh supports local sandboxing, which limits the number of information applications
You can insert a car. This resource enjoys a sense of security shared by many iOS users: high performance
Victims rely on their numbers to get messages; Then click on the link for evil, “said Emir.

Windows Macintosh security depends on many factors, Imi says.

It depends on the version of Windows
Operating system upgrade level and more. Kaspersky Report
The importance of prevention and safety information for all is emphasized
Independent Environmental Plan. In that case
Be careful when opening accessories
Good communication, software download and software updates
User suggestions for any operating system.


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