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Malicious programs have been downloaded 102 times from the Play Store under the influence of ad fraudulent scripts

Updated August 18, 2019

In 34 years, 34 fake software ads have been found
Download the Android software and write slowly
According to the researchers, the Google Play Store is worth $ 1 billion.

They are called Android.Click.312.origin and Android.Click.313.origin, bad hunters usually seem to have made
Consumers who receive paid and unsolicited services say they are researchers in an article published last week
Dr.Web Antivirus Company.

The presence of the virus in other species
Enhanced application that includes the map with a QR code reader
Dictionary, fitness monitors, search engines, printers,
Programs in Islam, etc. Some articles have been published in blog posts
Complaints from users of entries written in Cyrillic
The victims appear to have targeted Russian consumers.

Android.Click.312.origin has been updated
Download Google.Click.313.origin eight hours before launch
Harmful work, I hope to be on the radar. After surgery
It also returns information for specific users
Server administration, including products and content,
They are operating system, starting position and good system
Language, test ID, mobile user, internet,
View application parameters, time, and dates
White soldiers.

In response to Android.Click.312.origin, it supports web addresses
Hide in Web view and find ways to put things in search engines
Google said it depends on my choice on Google Play
Controls and manages and sends contributions
However, Trojans cannot advertise apps on Google Play
Any licensed site, ads (including videos) or
Some errors cause secretions
Financial services without telling or satisfying others.

Dr. Webb says Google has removed some of its stores from stores
Once the risk has been identified; Most, however, run until August 8th
His job is not good and it is


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