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Mansortex ransom software shut down INSYNQ cloud storage company

INSYNQ QuickBooks Cloud Storage is in the recovery stage
A random megacentre event takes you offline
Last week, the company waited for the next few days
All your customers are online.

This was announced by the director of the company Elliot Luchansky on his blog on July 22
For some clients, access is restored and iNSYNQ works
Cybersecurity to remove reware from your system. Is
There is currently no evidence that the information was corrupted
Off. The company said it could block the attacks first, however
The redemption process is the time spent by users who can view the file
.Mega Cortex and current catalog.

Fortunately, this applies to many files
(That is, encrypted) files are few, but do not include QuickScript as a sage file
– report.

The commission had previously issued a warning on July 18
On July 16, such payment was canceled.

Many users complained on Twitter [the company did not arrive
Information about their comments.

I know and understand your frustration
Concerns are being raised about the project. There are many ways to achieve this
Leave a backup file and Im sure youll read a lot of comments there
The challenges of providing a detailed analysis of different approaches are presented here
As time goes on, you face these challenges and challenges
Lukhanski replied.

Here the company advises customers to return
They endure.


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