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Marriott is fined $ 124 million for breaking 2018 data

Updated July 17, 2019

I want to elect a Commissioner of America (ICO)
At 99,200,396 or, 4,124 million, grants were awarded by Marriott International in 2007.
Crime response data reported by Starwood
Information archive for November 2018.

Marriott agreed to make the ICO pay.
But reports
You have the right to be held accountable for what you have done
A final decision will be made and the ICO will pay.

In this hope game
YMI We compete. Marriott works with ICO
Investigate crime
Marriott said he was attacking information from Starwood users
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director General, Arin Sorensen.

Marriott revealed data breach on November 30, 2018, and provincial maestro artists spent more than four years at Marriott
Starwood booking system that allows more than 500 million visitors to use, including full name, payment card details and more.
P.I.I. Marriott said in a statement that the Starwood hotel booking system was flawed
The chain was purchased in 2016.

Suspicious details will no longer be used.

Marriott’s sentence comes a day after the ICO raided
British Airways recently issued a $ 183 million fine
500 million data breaches threaten personal data 500 million
Aviation customers.

These sanctions do not only affect the ICO
They had no teeth in finding organizations that put consumer data at risk, however
It reminds me of any company that struggles with selfishness
According to management, they process and store customer information
This is an advantage. Probably the first of many great ones
The ICO pays a fine and a special red flag
Organizations that provide goods or services or organizations that evaluate the performance of the European Union
Toni Murray, CEO of Aggress Software, says they are registered.


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