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Matt Wisconsin’s dealers have been charged with two counts of buying clean corpses from a dark company

Both La Crosse courts were convicted this week of drug trafficking.

In March 2019, Andrew R. was charged with more than a pound on Tuesday, breastfeeding was sentenced to ten years in prison.
It is intended for distribution.

A. Ams, 44, who was charged with selling more than a million pounds of methamphetamine to A. Conor III, was sentenced to four
years in prison.
January 23, 2019 For those who provide personal information.

According to court documents, the man grew up in a violent home where the drug was used.

Henkes substance abuse is linked to a situation he faced as a teenager
Attorney Kelly Wells wrote the lawsuit.

Welshman wrote that Henke used the drug every day in high school and then said he felt a sense of medicine.
Of course for him.

A few years later, Henkes father pleaded guilty. The mother imitated sexual violence
Weapons used by an ex-girlfriend. He then returned from drug use and died after Henke, Vales writes.

After Wales, Henke lost five years in the house and was thrown from house to house.

In 2013, Henke began using methamphetamine abroad after eating and drinking.
Methamphetamine possession in 2014 and again in 2016.

Unable to make good money he searched the dark web and found a reliable source of energy in California.
Henke did not want the risk of moving around a little iron, but he bought a lot of money to support his habit.
He wrote money, which is why he was successful at the time of his arrest, the Welsh wrote.

Henke has already spent 10 years in prison after being charged with drugs. Valsala
It is recalled that the first prisoner was sufficient to convince.

District Judge James Peterson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison, and ordered Henke to pay $ 14466.

Konar was serving his first prison sentence on drug charges long before he became an addict.

After seven years of drug use, the 21-year-old was arrested for the first time in La Crosse.
The mat was sold in 2002 for possession and control for medicine. Against him were also cocaine cases.
In Larry County.

Law Cross police arrested him earlier this year for selling three medals to a dishonest businessman.
November 2018 and January 2019. The case has been transferred to federal court.

Bookor is known to sell methamphetamine every 2-3 days.
Prosecutor Chadwick Elgarsma told District Court Judge William Conley on Wednesday

Elgerma said he was a major carrier of methamphetamine and other drugs.
57 to 61 months.

Conner’s attorney, William Jones, sought less judgment due to his client’s intelligence and maturity.
He became a good candidate for recovery, no longer committing any crime.

Conner said Conley’s drug deal should have helped people put it on the table, but it came
Understand that your medications and habits take a long time.

Conley responds that addiction always finds a reason to use it.

Many of the risks were taken from Comoros in January, indicating that the drugs are now for sale.
For many years, like Wednesday’s office, he hopes to find a second sentence.

Conley kept Contor for three years and Contor’s unanimous sentence was rejected
The La Crosse County case is over.


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