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May As of 2015, about 60,000 studies have been conducted on the German martens market

darknet May As of 2015, about 60,000 studies have been conducted on the German martens market
Darknet May As of 2015, about 60,000 studies have been conducted on the German martens market

Germany saw the consequences of the sale of unused weapons, which led to the consolidation of the police
Always be ready to fight against various criminals in the market.

[In the hands of the authorities
According to sources, since 2015, more than 60,000 suspects have been investigated on the black market. Murdered last July in
The year was a sight of revival: 22 were killed and nine were injured.
18-year-old German fisherman gives deadly weapon (Glock 17) to one of the black markets

German politics november

Interview with Cronon Jeitung, an anonymous source on the Austrian website of the Federal Criminal Bureau (BKA)
Its effectiveness in preventing crime in Germany’s dark network has been determined.

Germany joins
As in [
Europe on Darknet Market

With over 600 people affiliated with BKA, the fight against cybercrime is very important in Germany.
Dark Drugs Online Market Research [

All such investigations were drug-related and tested in German suspects.
You left the country.

After the incident, the number of arrests in the army in Munich in Germany increased.
The darkness of the Internet is evolving with the collapse of the market.

BKA has done a very good job of announcing that it will support the EU project
Pharmaceutical business is deep in some black markets on the Internet.

BCA shares criminal case with EU
According to a source, Germany could not control the fight against crimes in the black network and therefore she tried to become a
In 2015, the EU will have access to Europol’s crime fighting facilities.

What is a beautiful website?

However, despite the volume of their work, dark internet marketing is not so risky
The illicit drug and arms trade is healthier than ever.

Security provides free information on a free website
German legal officials also say that terrorists are unlucky
Dark linen.

MCA Leader Holger Munch reported in a joint presentation with Interior Minister Thomas de Mesir
Worse, the emergence of increasingly organized crime groups
Technical features of dark Internet access.

It is not surprising that organized crime is declining as criminals are equipped with computer equipment.
Campaign campaign despite awareness of BKA.

The German-EU special mission is making significant progress

A single group was formed between the German authorities and Europol, as needed to facilitate faster operations.

So far, the special team has had a credible impact on the online drug war, having seized 25 drugs.
German ship smugglers.

The team consists of specialists specializing in the use of network traffickers.
Supports advanced technology.

DARKNET conducts a variety of criminal investigations
All arrests lead to a lot of drugs and other means. Contains 2.7 kg
Marijuana, cocaine 1.1 kg, amphetamine 58 kg and pill 333035.

The shooting ranges take place in England
In addition to drugs, the BKA also received 18 kg of poisoning, many weapons.
And counterfeit money.

After the arrest, many users of Darknet products are not investigators, which facilitates illegal activities.
As I thought before, they value everything and are capable of it.

Law enforcement alerts are rising due to the criminal presence of the black page

The year 2016 was a resounding success, as legislators from all over the world fought on the black market for drug trafficking.

The government is not only paying attention, but is providing additional funding for the cyber network
The army.

As a result, several drug traffickers, armed robbers and various criminals were arrested in the dark.
The web.

The strike seems to be fading all the time, but this time it doesnt replace the deep online marketplace
Call areas.


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