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Members of the Illegal Browsing Forum accused him of pursuing work and fraud

Updated July 18, 2019

Against statements against the US and three Europeans.
[With racket and
Phone fraud and fraud to find malware on Darkode hack now

The Colombia Federal Court found four men dressed as Thomas this week.
McCormick (also known as Fuber), 26, of Washington County; Metaza Scorjank (also known as Iserdo I Cordo), 32, from Maribor in
Slovenia; Florence is expensive
40, Vizcaya, Ruiz de Espaa (also known as NeTK and Netkairo); And Lancaster Council (also known as Iceman), 35, from Gurisnika,
Slovenia. That’s the accusation
First under the label April 4, 2018.

McCormick, who also manages the five shutters.
The personal injury was damaged, he was arrested on December 10, but had only three remaining
There are still refugees. McCormick is probably one of the last
Darkode manager while scandalizing Scorjank
Founders and Managers of Underground Products.

As for the accusation, the rape was the first
The crime rate stems from a number of allegations of bank fraud
Phone fraud, device fraud, identity theft and unauthorized access.
Judges said the agency was responsible for $ 4.5 million
Millions of lives were lost from September 2008 to December 5, 2013
It was then that the FBI first contacted McCormick
In practice.

Finally, the Dark Code was discovered in accordance with international law
The autumn officer named Operation Horizon in July 2015.

The Dark Code is a group of criminals built on the Internet
The key to keeping criminals a secret is the location of an international hacker
Cybercriminals fully produce, sell, exchange and pay
The statement says without permission, tools, information and ideas.

This policy includes the acquisition and use of hacking tools for hacking tools
For victims of computer and offline information
(PII), bank accounts and other bank credit accounts,
The case continues. There are also some plans
Sell software that infected computer users can use to download
Attack on the site of an infected person; Damaged websites cover foreclosures;
Store criminal information on the Internet.

For example, there is a complaint about the creation of a bot called ScoreJunk
Digital bottles or BFBOT bottles are sold on Darkocode. Misleading stocks
He posted that the bot was running on Windows. But
Passwords can be stolen for internet and wallet
Firefox and Internet Explorer services. It depends on the brand itself
To prevent DDoS attacks, replace the text entered in MSN Messenger.

Another problem that one or more witnesses purchased was the Bluetooth bomb (update)
BFBOT) and Troy Georgia Bank are known for logo theft. Information purchased by Darkcode members for admission
The computer is at risk


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