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Members of the International Pedophile Circle were sentenced to 16 years in prison

darknet Members of the International Pedophile Circle were sentenced to 16 years in prison
Darknet Members of the International Pedophile Circle were sentenced to 16 years in prison

Three Belgians, a British man and a Dutchman, were forced to file a lawsuit in Derdermond, Belgium. Over the years, they have
replaced children
Pornographic images and videos. They created something new and used it for communication. For example, they made a movie about
Offer sand on the beach or in the changing area by the pool. Five other individuals encouraged the children to abuse
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While searching, I recently found about twelve million files, the largest children’s film in Belgium.
Forty people were identified. Concentrated children are introduced during normal activities
Amtagi. The destruction of the organization received a symbolic euro.

Judge N.M. He received only 16 years in prison,
And deprive him of his right for twenty years.

For this it is necessary to try special and small photos of children
Yes, he says in the decision. He has a strong relationship with his defenders to leave a common sense
The child has access to safe and effective child pornography. Enter one
He has served as a leader in international relations. He also has an intelligent son
They have exposed the sexual interest of homosexuals.

SK, which is described in the process as nuclear pneumonia that cannot be cured in the process.
The judge sentenced him to six years in prison. Two more people participated: MT L.D. Sweden sentenced to 7.5 years in prison
Prison And years ago they lost their citizenship.

DD, a 33-year-old technician, wants to become a psychiatrist first.
Examination by three doctors. It must be understood that the man had a mental disorder at the time of the incident.

Data appointed librarian of the child pornography group. It contains a large collection of works by more than ten million
Pornographic images on your computer. “I wanted the biggest collection, I kept collecting it,” the judge said.
During the trial.

His lawyer claims he suffers from borderline stress, tension, forced behavior and miscarriages. Still against him
A lawyer, he will be a pedophile. He is currently in the hospital.

Focus, a child involved in a civil dispute, was outraged by the decision and called for a light trial. Fifteen terabytes
Fifteen big hotel subtitles listening to sexy pictures of kids.
Punishment is a fatal blow to the victims. These prey are not cheap for five, six, seven or more people, but are kept for life
Sixteen years. They are injured all their lives.

Child Focus continues, some suffixes have already been adopted and only half will be issued. The accused can
So run as fast as you can. Named judges should emphasize and give clear signals in child focus.
Serious fines and disciplinary disciplinary action against offenders.

Despite the complexity of the problem and the serious challenges of dealing with violence against children,
Scientists were able to discover this vast network, but data almost abandoned this task.
The child’s attention. Its amazing that it stays inside or as small as mentioned.
Some just walk, make no changes, take no medicine. Now of course we are afraid.
This is because the chances of re-infection in this case are very high and it will scare other affected children.

Believing in childrens beliefs can be criminal or passive emotions, thoughts or thoughts or unknown reasons.
The court needs more help. We will continue to invest more knowledge and resources to prevent this from happening
Now join the criminals in Flanders, but the criminals and are back in France
Assisting six types of criminals.


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