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Merchants reached an agreement facing 20 years in federal prison.

Hobart pleaded guilty at the People’s Court to planning a drug business.

Christopher Banyan, 26, was sentenced to $ 1 million in prison for 20 years. He will lose $ 1.5 million
With $ 85,000 in cash, you can use it for many songs throughout your life. He will be found guilty on December 9th
U.S. District Court in Green Bay.

He pleaded guilty
Recycled materials for sale. The first number
Imprisoned 80 high waterways
Reasons for the exchange:

Print ectasia, cocaine, LSD, marijuana and other drugs
Markets such as Dream Market, Zion, Wall Street
Two, Alpha Bay and Hansa, were charged by police in the summer
Sold out of court from January 5 5 to May 5, 2016
He took it this year.

According to the service, the black section is an inaccessible part of the old web search engines.
A separate collection on the website requires special software that hides the policy addresses on the computers being used.
The network is almost hidden.

Original report written by USAO at the time of publication

Matthew D. Krueger, a state attorney from Wisconsin, announced his candidacy on April 2, 2019.
Christopher D.E. (Age: 26) He was taken to Hobart, Wisconsin.

Benya was in charge of carrying control drugs on the way home
Drug trafficking, drug trafficking in the US, Money Laundering and Related Activities
This happened in mid-January 2016 and continued until 5 March 2019.

According to expected documents, banana sells drugs including MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine, DMT, ketamine, LSD, methamphetamine.
Heroin, MDA, cocaine base (crack cocaine), metacopol, marijuana and many other controlled substances. Make her
Bananas have used dark internet markets for sale, including Dream Market, Zion, Wall Street, Hansa, Commercial and Alpha Bay. Alfa
Police arrested two people in July 2017.

Dark websites are an integral part of the internet through modern search and search engines. Places in the dark
The Website contains complex e-mail addresses created by computer systems and should be used by specialized software.
Just connect the router between the onion network or the TOR network. The TOR website is encrypted and sends strong internet
Because computers around the world hide the real IP address for computers that have access to it.
The network and the internet usage is almost unknown. This is believed to have led to a lack of awareness, leading to the
revelation of the killers
Working in dark markets in the dark where consumers can find suppliers like Banaya who provide services for illegal goods.

Drug traffickers need to remember: US. It. Attorney Kruger says the Internet is not excluded from the law. subjects
Think of special partnerships between federal, state and local agencies that are willing to block any form
Drug Traffic in our company.

Then, whether they sell drugs in the corner or on dark websites, the government is addicted
Christopher, a DEA resident in Green Bay, said he was watching where drug users worked.
Arrest Hoyet, who confirmed that drug dealers were not investigated by the dark internet and were on the verge of prosecuting the

The matter is a joint study conducted by the United States Commission on Border Standards in the United States. Data retrieval
process, USA. Drugs
Administrator, Director of Criminal Investigation in Wisconsin, Drug County Administration
Hobart / Lawrence Police Department and Oneida Police Chief. A U.S. judge will attend their trial
Scott J. Campbell, Benjamin W. Proctor and Daniel R. Humble.

If Domia is convicted, Bania faces up to 80 years in prison with a fine of more than $ 4 million.

A criminal case is only criminal and not a crime. The prosecutor has been released and has the right to a fair trial
The government has to prove it with all its might.


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