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Mexican Amavaldo Trojan betrayed Mexico by targeting Brazilians

Investigators have found some malicious missions this year.
Recently, Amavaldo was discovered, who tried to destroy the bank in Troy
Brazil and Mexico respectively.

Amavaldo is ESET in Prague. The lab is one of ten malicious programs for families that researchers have discovered since 2017.
Firstly, an in-depth investigation was launched into a Trojan horse from a Latin American bank, a Trojan horse called ‘love’.
but some.

After looking at the window attached to the bench, take a photo.
It looked like a desktop and new wallpapers, explains ESET
Research group, company blog post [back then
Displays the wrong popup
Delete and delete active text boxes, many quick options
Hunting for anything but pop-ups.

In January 2019, the Amavaldo cast was spotted
I mainly focused on Brazilian banks and their customers, but again in April
Its activities concern Mexico and are now visible
In the last country.

Central in Delhi, unlike Trojan Banking
It also supports remote packing commands, including remote packet capture.
Use the site to download screenshots, photos, audio for personal information.
A timeline that impedes access to legitimate banking websites
Both mouse and keyboard.

In addition, viruses collect information about the disease,
Including computer and banking checks
The sacrifice was over.

EMAT report. As a last resort
Repetition has three parts to the zipper toolbox: Copy a.
Appliances, syringe and hidden triangle bank
Itself. The DLL uses the injector seat directly into the controller
For Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer.

ESET researchers have noted different exercises to share two things
Bring the goods. Corruption in Brazil is a corruption
MSI installers may install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Use the embedded VBS download file to create
One more download VBS. Another VBS file is a crime for Windows
Command Line Line (WMIC) to receive XSL
Lastly, it is built into a PowerShell download

He is looking for advertising for Mexican partners
The MSI toolbar is available for Windows operating systems
When an incorrect message is sent, the download file is downloaded
Fortunately, he thinks they are crazy about DC gestures. S.T.
Believe me, this ad is associated with a form of spam
It comes with a list of items.


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