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Microsoft accuses the Russian group of attacking Stratinum Out devices

darknet Microsoft accuses the Russian group of attacking Stratinum Out devices
Darknet Microsoft accuses the Russian group of attacking Stratinum Out devices

With the help of the government, a Russian hacker group called Strontium attacked corporate IoT devices.
[Remember Microsoft Investigator
Risk Information Center.

In the circus in April
They found the main discovery of a famous enemy in contact with many
External devices, such as the player, try to meet the familiar IoT
Multiple devices (VOIP phones, desktop printers and video decoders)
User Status, Microsoft Security
This is written in the answer center workspace.
The investigation established that the applicant was using them to access these devices
The first access to corporate networks is two passwords
Respect third parties without changing the manufacturer’s password
For example, the most recent update was not used on your device.

Used hacker tool
Get network access and additional access. When a character is successful
Network access, easy to scan online
Unsecured devices allow you to search and search the network
Authorized accounts give you access to important data,
Real Microsoft.

After accessing IoT devices
Sniff hacker rentcadampo sn online
The traffic was recorded by local assistants and some management teams.
Trying to use a lot while interfering with normal function is like getting resolution
How to move devices from one network to another.

The device also connects
Management and control server (C2).

Even Microsoft researchers did
As expected, heavy attacks were found
STRONTIUM Endpoints are not guaranteed
The purpose of the accident.

Steve Durbin, Chairman of the Information Security Forum;
Get smart devices that are not familiar with this device
He is not always confident in the design, as it opens up many possibilities for attackers.

Use the basics
Users send most of their names, passwords and IoT devices
Outdated program, unemployment, reliable program
This was stated by producer Chris Moral
Head of Security Research. No access to IoT devices
It defines security and there are no rules and guidelines.

Because the equipment is designed to be safe
However, for minimal and processing costs,
According to Durbin, there are management issues. Follow the veins
Connecting to a PC is a tool
Connect to the employer network to allow tourists access to the portal
Unfortunately, the number of homes is growing on it, he said.

Anonymous names and passwords, many IoT devices are given to customers
An organization with a clean and structured system
Creator, says Chris Morales,
Head of Vetra Security Advisors. IoT tools are a promising way
There are no rules or guidelines to guarantee their protection

Like the Civil War
The work has been released and the latest from this Microsoft report is that IoT is under attack
This is true and has been around for many years. The larger the DDoS attack, the greater the first use
IoT promotions are difficult to do because they are
Company. It is important to be a good citizen (change) on the Internet.
Passwords!) Most importantly, don’t read your camera.

Morales M.D.
There is a risk of compromising IoT devices
Corporate networks can be changed to larger systems such as screens
Microsoft has research reports and devices with cameras like IoT
And advanced equipment such as MRI scanners that increase IT security


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