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Microsoft has accused Russian hacker group Strotium of attacking IoT devices

According to the post office, the Russian military group Stratum attacked with IoT weapons
[Microsoft Researcher Reports
Evil reason.

April scientists
This is known as the design of anger that unites others
External tools and test tools for hackers to gain access to OTO
Devices for other devices (VoIP cables, office printers and video transmitters)
To add customers, Microsoft Security
Send from the center
Studies have shown that athletes benefit from this success
The first was found in marketing companies with two passwords
Marked without a third password change
For example, new components are not used in the device.

The thief used a weapon to do so
Network presence and growth strategy. At one point, the player did a good job
Create a website, a network that is easy for others to use
Thanks to amazing miracles, they can search and browse the internet
Good news gives people a great opportunity
Microsoft too.

When it comes to Internet of Things devices
For rantcpdumpto network pieces
Vehicles from nearby camping sites will appear in the list of control groups
Trying to reduce stress with less punishment can be frustrating
The wireless network will pass between devices.

Devices are also in contact
Command and External Control Server (C2).

Even Microsoft has searched
The attack was called STRONTIUM because it was soon known
In the end, they couldn’t figure out what strontium was
Targets in these interventions.

Steve Durbin, CEO of the Information Security Forum, talks about the company
Protect smart devices, you will never feel like a device
The layout is often obscure, so it provides many opportunities for attackers.

Use the default settings
Username and password for IoT users
An old company whose software security is not regularly updated
Chris Morales told the producers
Head of Vitra Security Review. IoT devices are becoming more affordable today
Mandatory without insurance rules and regulations.

Because the cannon was not made intentionally
But to keep currency costs and down payments as high as possible
Binoculars say the organization is under threat. With the beginning
Connected to any computer or smart device
Connected to a network of bandits, it allowed access to the gates to defeat the attackers
Charity is more than just your family.

Most IoT Hardware servers send users and passwords
Everyday business is a great program that anyone can update
Chris Morales says:
Fectra is responsible for security analysis. IoT devices are easy to carry
There are no rules to protect them.

The latter is a threat
It shows the dimensions and is attacking IoT, according to this Microsoft report
They were right, they were there over time. Immediate and fast deployment of DDoS attacks
IoT incentives are not the same as networks and are difficult to solve on a large scale
It is important for the President to be a good citizen of the Internet (change.)
Password!), But most importantly don’t go into the camera.

Morales is a fool
This risk is greater when the IoT device starts to stick
It will be possible to integrate the network and implement more programs.
Microsoft’s research reporting network is designed for IoT devices such as printers and cameras
Advanced equipment such as MRI trackers pose a threat to cyber security


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