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Microsoft has accused STRONTIUM of Russian hacker groups of attacks on IoT devices

darknet Microsoft has accused STRONTIUM of Russian hacker groups of attacks on IoT devices
Darknet Microsoft has accused STRONTIUM of Russian hacker groups of attacks on IoT devices

According to a blog post, Russian hackers are known as Scionton for their IoT devices.
[Enter the Microsoft search engine
Research Center

In April, scientists said
He met many people and discovered the famous anti-traffic infrastructure
Attempts to optimize the Internet and external devices of things through test players
Many devices (VoIP phones, Office Print and video decoders)
Microsoft Security Customer Location
The post is called North Center.
The research found that each player used these devices
Preliminary tags are available, and passwords are available in both cases
In the third case, the custom builders are configured without changing the password
For example, recent security updates do not apply to devices.

Hackers use tools to participate
Search for network access and access. Victory was a success
By establishing a network connection, Torjlok Scanner makes it easy for others to detect
Allows you to identify and search for dangerous devices from the search network
For high-performance accounts that create access to high-quality data,

When using IoT tools
The hacker network is Sniff Cyprus
Operations and management teams are listed on the local network
To create a combination, start with a simple environment view and try to use it more
On the network, it is transmitted from one device to another.

Accessories are also attached
An external command (C2) is a server.

Microsoft researchers may
Explain how they attacked the strontium after the person was first diagnosed
He cant imagine it getting stronger
That is the goal.

“These are organizations,” said Steve Durbin, deputy director of the Information Security Forum.
Use this device responsibly, without knowing that such a device exists
They have no security in design, and for this reason, the enemy gains a lot of opportunities.

Improvements also apply
Send names and passwords to multiple IoT clients
Work on a non-traditional program
The producer says Chris Morales
Chapter on Vector Security Features. The IoT device is small
How to be safe without advice.

Because the devices are designed without security
But instead provide cheaper data management.
Durbin said they threatened the parties. St. Cripple
Connecting to a human computer from a possible machine
It is connected to the official network of border inspectors.
He said the damage was more than the owner’s property.

at a distance
By default username and passwords, most IoT devices are redirected to users
If it is not updated, the old software will improve your security.
According to producers Chris Moral
Vectra Safety Inspector. IoT devices are important
This must be ensured without rules and regulations.

As an object of careful attention
Services like Microsoft’s latest report, IoT Attack
It was a long time here. DDoS attack, uses source
The IoT bottle is hard to fight against the biggest, most organized
It is important to become a citizen of the surgical Internet (change them)
Passwords!), But for the most part they won’t be on your camera.

That’s what morality says
IoT devices are the most concerned as they manage the entire site
As shown here, communication initiatives can be encouraged by communication companies.
Microsoft also announces traffic and IT devices such as printers, cameras
Topical medications such as MRI scanners to reduce anxiety


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