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Microsoft is signing Russian hacker group after attacks on intelligence devices

darknet Microsoft is signing Russian hacker group after attacks on intelligence devices
Darknet Microsoft is signing Russian hacker group after attacks on intelligence devices

According to the blog, a group of Russian hackers are attacking devices on the Internet called STRONTIUM.
[Explain what the researchers found from Microsoft
Professional Care Center.

Fourth Election
The infrastructure that has been in contact for several years has been discovered by a competent candidate.
attempts to synchronize players-based Internet as external devices
on multiple devices (VOIP phone, office printer and video code)
Customer status, Microsoft security
The answer lies in the center.
Research shows that the player uses these appearances to win
First, access to corporate networks and passwords are two issues
By default, a third line is established without changing the providers password
for example, a new security update on the device has not been used.

These devices are created by a hacker
Find assets online and additional rights. When the artist completes the success
The web is a simple web search for other users.
Unreliable devices have to search and search the network
High quality reports that provide access to more valuable information
And he said.

After accessing the Internet devices
pirate network
Traffic is available on local networks and local management teams
Add a simple shell script to create flexibility for more use
as you move from one device to another

There is also an introduction to the site
External and steering control (C2).

Microsoft scientists are right
Understand the nature of the road as much as possible
They cannot decide what will happen in the future
These issues have a purpose.

Steve Durban, president of information technology, says there are such companies
Understand that a smart car is a device that it does not know
Publishers have many options because they are often unable to help.

Many IoT users have their own username and password
Inexperienced, this is an incomparable business
A song by Chris Morales,
Vectra Union President. Very few on IoT devices
There are no laws or regulations regarding their security.

This is because these devices are designed for security reasons
However, providing and processing information at the lowest cost,
Binoculars pose a threat to these organizations. Although open
You can connect the device to a home computer
In the employer’s network, he gives interviews to the affected portal
He said he caused more damage to the owner of the device.

There is no surplus
Usernames and passwords, most IoT devices are sent to the user
Outdated and vulnerable business software has never been updated
Producer Chris Moralem, producer
Head of Vectra Security Analysis. An IoT device can be used
There are no rules or guidelines for determining their safety.

The ultimate threat is threatening
According to a recent report from Microsoft, there is an IoT attack against these actions
This has been practical for a long time. Large DDoS attacks first used
The battle for Jonathan’s hood is hard to win with the biggest and most capable
Business Internet is important to be a good citizen (change this)
Password!), But it is important that your device is not damaged.

That’s what Morales said
There are even more dangers when it comes to browsing IoT devices
Connecting businesses can make it a more important system today
Microsoft’s research report includes IoT network devices such as printers and cameras
Even advanced devices such as MRI scan your computer’s security alarm


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