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Microsoft June patch 22 Display problem: 4 days nonlinear

Updated July 18, 2019

Microsoft Tuesday June Patch 88 CVE.
Of the four, 22 have been criticized, including the previously announced zero days

The Zero Day title triggers all permissions
The connection is indicated by a high monthly preference and security number
Good luck, even if the gospel is not a zero day or one of the other weaknesses
It is found in nature. This is:

* CVE-2019-1069 affects Windows task scheduling
This can affect Windows 10, Server 2016 and later.
* CVE-2019-1064 is present on Windows, which affects Windows
10, 2016 Server followed.
* CVE-2019-1053 Windows has security issues
It affects Shell and all supported Windows operating systems.
* CVE-2019-0973 Windows has security issues

Public disclosure increases the norm or risk. Before
Risk information, including updates
Evidence of the concept code has already been made public.
This means that the attacker has access before hiring a technician
Production manager Chris Gottal said the benefits of these losses
Safety, security, etc.

Stanak Narang, sen.
The table search engineer identified four hazards in zero days
It is called CVE-2019-0888 as it requires urgent care.

CVE received the most votes this month
CVE-2019-0888, ActiveX Data Activation Disadvantages (ADO)
Things to remember. Attackers can incite this user
Visit the malicious website, which will execute the existing code
The customer said.

Jamie Abraham is responsible for managing the company’s products
Qualis highlights three things to look out for when escaping from the Hyper-V Hype Supervisor.

Weaknesses of three external code officers (CVE-2017-0620,
CVE-2019-0709 and CVE-2019-0722 located in Hi-V).
Confirm running system code from machine users.
Microsoft notes that this vulnerability cannot be taken advantage of
This patch still needs to be prioritized in HV systems, he said.


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