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Microsoft June Patch fixes 22 critical and 4 zero daily defects

darknet Microsoft June Patch fixes 22 critical and 4 zero daily defects
Darknet Microsoft June Patch fixes 22 critical and 4 zero daily defects

Updated July 18, 2019

In June, the Microsoft Catch 88 CVEs,
Of these, 22 were identified as significant and four were zero.

Zoroastrian problems are not an acceptable problem.
The higher the average of the first month, the different sections of insurance offer online
However, the director does not have good records of bad days or accidents
They were found in the forest. They are:

* CVE-2019-1069 affects the Windows operating system
It can affect Windows 10, Server 2016 and more.
* CVE-2019-1064 works on Windows
10, server 2016 and volume.
* CVE-2019-1053 is a feature in Windows
Shell affects all Windows operating systems.
* CVE-2019-0973 is an error in Windows

Public disclosure is a manifestation of a serious threat. New
Information about the destruction provided, including
The symbols of this concept are shown to all who show it.
This means that attackers have faster access to the operating system.
Take advantage of this opportunity, said Chris Goettel, executive producer
Repair, security, event

Satnam Narang, not too long ago
Search engineers have a problem, producing no less than four days
This requires immediate attention, but please contact CVE-2019-0888.

The highest CVE fund in monthly distribution
Weak data CVE-2019-0888, ActiveX (ADO)
Things to remember. Skeptics can use it to persuade consumers
Open the wrong website, and run the code as a result
Market, he said.

Jimmy Graham, Managing Director of Product Management.
Hyper-V Escape reports three cases with hypervisors to improve visualization.

Three weaknesses in remote code execution (CVE-2019-0620,
CVE-2019-0709 and CVE-2019-0722) are included in the current Hyper-V
The authorized receptionist can execute any code.
Microsoft notes that this risk is minimal
He said that the Hi-V system also prefers these pads.


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