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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China NE China wants more China

He owns the police in northeastern China
Jilin County recently closed a cross-border drug trade
Pay with Bitcoin on the dark web, use a new type of medicine
Trade in China.

Changchun customs said on July 16 that customs authorities found suspicious packages imported from Singapore.

The package contained ten boxes of suspicious pills after the test, which were confirmed as tramadol pills.
So hydrochloride.

Customs officers investigated the incident and arrested a suspect named Chang three days later.

It contains about 1,237 tramadol hydrochloride pills, a drug found by drug users.

Consistent with the cultural system, Zhang ordered the black net
Part of a particular program, definition or interface used by the program
Get bitcoin payment and storm for buyers
Hydrochloride. Zhang buys drugs in Switzerland and Germany
As before.

The product you purchased will be shipped from China, which contains an incorrect ad.

It is necessary
According to government officials, they buy the pills online for real money
A newly challenged police practice.

There is a risk of physical and mental dependence
Drug addiction is a drug controlled by the Chinese government.


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