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New malware manages hidden wasp viruses in Linux machines

Updated July 18, 2019

Threatening the security environment to protect Windows computers
Linux systems are often defined in detail. Hurt yourself
It must be registered with the security system installed by the companies
They are too big to talk about security

At least according to the Computer Security Agency
Intentions are a bad idea, usually malicious malicious tactics
Use the existing source code displayed in the sky
Sometimes. One of the malware found by the agency is a secret investigation
This is where the water disappears now
All malware protection methods are zero level

How can devices communicate with Linux?
The first step is to scan for malware and malware surgeries by redirecting scripts.
The deleted script uses an SFP application with the wrong password and flashes the system to remove older versions.
If the device is already infected.

This file is also downloaded to the archive.
Each side has a rootkit and a Trojan horse.
The script is also trying to add files. /etc/rc.local Binary Trojan runs even after rebooting

Rootkit should be used for people with artistic experience.
Opening your eyes Azazel also shared a piece of ChinaZZ.
Malware, Adre-n Malware, and Mirai Malware. I really
The power of this program hides Linux
Terminal that runs files, downloads, multiple scripts, etc.

Security researchers do not know the exact size of the infection.
It is thought that malware has spread through the control systems.
Innovation should HiddenWaspi
Download the second one

If so
Are you interested in the details of HiddenWaspi Linux information?
You can read similar technical analysis from the Intezer website.


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