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New Q4tum sales cases avoid market turmoil, investigation and impact of federal steroid case

The three were charged Tuesday by the Olympic gold medal brother and his former WWE wrestling brother.
Their mission is to import paint products from China.

U.S. District Judge James Gwynn directed people to avoid oral contraceptives and / or use the Internet.
The country runs from 2015 to 2018.

Ronaldok Roginski of Brunswick was jailed for three years and fined 25,000,000. One is John Ambrose of Chicago.
He was offered a three-year term and $ 10,000.

Judge Eric Angels in Pittsburgh came 100,000 from the West three years later. The blade exploded
Brother Kurt Engel, who later became an Olympic medalist.

Roginsky and Amron are contestants. Prosecutors say Roginsky and Amroz are responsible
More than 60,000 units are sold as steroids.

He lives in Pittsburgh and buys more than 700 grams of steroids for distribution. He was a customer
Use its ingredients to train bodybuilders.

In January, Angel and Ambrose were charged with the circulation of controlled substances.

Roginski was born in 2004; In January, he was charged with drug and money fraud. Use online bodybuilding forums.
Officials say no drugs were found. 2018 In the end, they agreed to sell copies and sell at a higher price.
Bank accounts and credit limits.


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