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New Zealand husband jailed for distributing child pornography

A Dutchman has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for a video of a laptop with more than 130 children.

A 38-year-old man has been jailed 16 times and sentenced to life in prison for abducting abused children.
Judge John Brands-Gisson appeared in Invercargill on Friday

Pay kids to hold and distribute scary videos and pictures.

Judge Brands-Jason adds a temporary drop.

Attorney Hugo Young said he had filed a complaint and his name was still in custody.

This child is registered to commit a crime.

Judge Homer Gigen said child pornography was bad.

The judge decided to free you from the attack.

“Even though the audience is worried, it still seems strong,” he said.

“It can only be created through child abuse,” he said.

That verdict did not provide any information, but Judge Brandt – it is a case against the change of thieves and the prisoner.

“If people stop using these products, the demand will dry up,” he said.

Now he said the man would not do it in prison.

According to young people, they are believed to be spectators.

He said the man had thoughts of suicide and had been under pressure for some time.

“The young man was handed over for security and threatened with arrest,” he said.

If in the article someone is trying to save property

Matashi said that without protection in the dark, human computers would not be protected.

Judge Sarah Mackenzie, a barrister, said she was being punished according to the constitution.

In the name of the title, Mackenzie said it was very wrong to defend.

“Constant attention is common for this type of person,” Young said.

The judge rejected 10% of the crime psychologically.

The photo request was denied


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