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Not putting Apollo on the market is in the midst of an exit fraud

Updated February 2, 2020

According to several sources that confirm the reports, the dark network market is only the second to suffer the pain.
Last week, we received a lot of messages about someones work without cutting their accounts and blocking everything.
Hackers who understand that the sellers have cheated their home.

Apollon Market, which was introduced for some time in 2018, is a market for drug dealers and fraudsters. Here I am
Purchased by an organization called Market Spammers (you can read about them in our news section). Like a good story
dark websites, we contacted them many times, but we refused to add our business to our list. They had given it to them before
many former reddit users ask us to add business to their list, which they now refuse.

About five or six days ago, we started getting information about employees without adding them to their accounts. Here I am
We receive hundreds of reviews every day from vendors and their competitors, most of which are just requests and support.
what has been said about free investments is true. A clerk said

> The amount was transferred to the wallet address and checked 30 times when I re-registered, but the address
It represents a fairly different balance of 0 and F ** K does not sell in all markets. He’s lying to everyone.
Wall Street, Nightmare, Point and now F ** King Apollo

Currently, not all providers are linked to your account, although you will add them to their vacation list.
Do as much as possible on the part of users. said the seller

> The list of inactive providers may be active.
Closed, free accounts
This way, they save less money.
Boy, great way
Don’t buy.

Said a salesman named Shamanuk

> Sellers are also available in the account. Do not buy Shaman UK in America

Mix with nozzles
This is the third closed market, but Reddit-style forums are secretly unavailable for 15 days.
This article suggested 6 months ago that this market belongs to the Hugbunters group
. If the fear is not offline, it is a market scam. Not just a coincidence
Offline Marketing – It is their own market that spreads scams because people no longer report scams.
Preventive measures must fall short of expectations.

Them! Do you think this is unfortunate? I do not think so. Today we publish a list of relevant markets
We have reviewed / processed our complaint and we support it. This text and publication date
Proof of the future that we are real again.

Marketing of this group
As you know, we are at the forefront of Dark Network journalism. We have applied before
Lots of well-documented scandals and snippet protection coindesk,,
cointelegraph published a copy. We are the first and only company to publish a video of Darknet Preschool.
Users of the prime darkness of fraud . We do
not care who we are
I will put. Let us first look and wait for the truth. I think this is our responsibility

This time is special. We have been studying this chapter for the past 8 months and do you know how it works? How much money
The markets you have How many chapters does this group consist of? How do you increase your income? But the next thing is clear
Article. Today we introduce 100% confidence to our customers and ensure that the following markets are private and ready markets.
Avoid perversions when they reach average income. So they decided

1. Avaris Market (This is the largest market)
2. Whitehouse Market
3. Versus Market
4. Kana home and Monoply Market (this is their additional project but we need to let you know about it)
They are theirs

To be successful
The conclusion is clear. We see a strong tremor for the Avaris Market, and everyone is invited to join Avarisa
White House explosion. Exits can easily identify the roaming account, but it is clear that new users will come
You will fall into this trap, join this market, and be deceived again. Our advice is to stay away from the market in any way
As mentioned above. You can join the Bitbazaar Market , the most reliable dark network market. Please select suppliers
You have a very positive attitude toward avoiding fraud. The holiday is your decision and we have told you how to avoid it
To avoid these obstacles, the scam is now yours.

This is a development story, and we will update this article as soon as we receive new news.


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