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NZ has a role to play in the delivery of drugs using the black network

A 73-year-old man from Christchurch has admitted his role in solving the planet’s problem with methamphetamine on the black side.
The Netherlands and the United States of America.

In 2016, Timothy Robert Furch settled in Bromley with a professional career.

He claimed that his confession had been obtained through intravenous drug trafficking.
Christchurch District Court on Friday. Several infringements have been identified and are supplied to customers with a regular

Following a lawsuit filed by Fierce, Judge Jane Farish violated the order on March 25 and requested a preliminary hearing.
Who cares about the possibility of arrest and under the influence of alcohol and drugs?

The Crown told the court that the customary supplies were made by New Zealand customs officials at the expense of the Caledon Tax
Airports that deliver and deliver international mail.

The operation, known as the Skillet Expedition, lasted from May to September 2016, where Firon and two others were detained. IN
The other two were convicted.

The drug was administered through a dark website, Crown said. Lots of things paid off
Using Bitcoin, money is considered on the internet.

As a rule, the importer of the product uses a fake or incorrect name, but uses a unique address.
Check until you reach the item.

The ecstasy and methamphetamine package were confiscated at the International Post Office and sent to remote stations.
In the name or at another address.

A total of 27 grams of methamphetamine and 3.6 grams of ACTC were seized at customs.

In his interview, Ferran refused to participate and order the drugs online, but said he paid to help another criminal.
With the payment of the drug, this party ordered.

He admitted that he knew of drug users, said he had used some of them himself and sold them the rest. News
Signs of drug smuggling were found in his cell phone.


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