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Updated July 18, 2019

Whonix owns the candidate for the best operating system that has access
the deep web is the tail. Incognito Live Amnesia System or Call
A live system designed to preserve your privacy and your name
This is very important when accessing the deep network. Unlike Whonix, this is not the case
designed to work in a smart device, but instead of a DVD, USB flash driver
SD chart. While you are a bit stressed, you may want to travel right away
with this option due to the additional features that work
protect your identity.

The queue uses Tor to block internet access and any attempts
connecting you directly to the Internet. This means that all software has it
configured to automatically connect to the Tor network.
However, the most useful thing for the OS is that this is not the case
Save everything to your hardware. It is the only storage space used
RAM is automatically removed when the computer is turned off. it is
whence the amnestic part of the name. Sensitive documents can
However, it is still stored on another external device that you want, but if not
In particular, I assure you that everything you do will disappear
not found. It also includes several cryptographic devices
it protects your identity when you put your tail on.

To get started, head over to the official download page and torrent or download the latest version directly

You always want to check the authenticity of the ISO model to make sure it doesnt interest you
A man was running in the middle. If you already understand OpenPGP (you need to do it now)
) So this step is very simple. Otherwise, there is information they use
Check the authenticity of the download with the signature key.

Now you need to decide whether you want to burn it to DVD or install it to a USB-SD card using Tail Installer.
Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide what to do next.

Now install the DVD or USB / SD and restart your computer. business process
When you do not jump, you need to enter the BIOS and change it
Give it to the driver you want to install first
Lisi. You can access the BIOS drop-down menu in the desired window
Appears when the computer is turned on. After replacing the boats
Then restart the computer and restart.

You can learn how to use it on your website
PLUS works, but thats understandable. It offers a lot
Internet access is a secure way to access the Internet
Confidential documents.

If it is a very big problem and you want to run the OS in the background while performing other tasks
Try Vonix. Not looking for a standard operating system.


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