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Operation Golald confiscated more than 3,000 weapons in the dark

darknet Operation Golald confiscated more than 3,000 weapons in the dark
Darknet Operation Golald confiscated more than 3,000 weapons in the dark

Launched in 2015 by the National Security Agency, Golda’s program described the success of a series of gun attacks.
Crime on the black website. Hundreds of rifles and ammunition were fired in the dark.
Most of them are false.

The WEP document
Launched by the National Security Intelligence Service following the introduction of automatic updates to 2,100 websites.
The citizens of Gijna want a celebrity chef, a renowned heroin dealer and a black, master webmaster.
This is explained by Carrillo Fernando, Head of Intelligence in the Estimates.

The Civil Defense Force was founded by the Armed Forces, a unit responsible for the control of arms in Spain.
The Basic Military Management Program (PICAF) was established in 2015. The action began shortly after 322.
The black military is an ideal location for four prisons and four arrests in the Bogus trial. From the beginning, a
Of the 3,050 recovered weapons, 295 are suspected.

Spain is known around the world for its accessibility and access to illegal firearms.
You’re still in the wrong hands at this point. However, the light of network usage is dark and blue
Apparently money still uses that power. It is now easy to find weapons with black names online.

The agency linked drug trafficking, arms sales and terrorism.
A difficult problem occurs when there is a lot of discussion and online activity
Compensation for cryptocurrency, which is very popular, and a serious hypothesis for the law
Evidence group.

He is a fresh baker from all over the world. In fact, most of them did
Captain Cario said they came from Israel and the Soviet Union and believed they had stolen it because they were in the military.
The little hand
Baganta, AK-47s that are not equipped with buses, missiles and machine guns, can fire up to 600 units per minute between weapons.
The threads are accepted. They are usually sold in the black air market at different prices from 1500 to 2100 euros.

The competition tests the performance of four employees in the Torrelavega and Asturias networks
Many organizational crimes. They are accused of smuggling and making weapons and ammunition
I woke up

Gijna residents face new costs for hidden costs
To defeat him, he is allowed to work in an arms factory and arrange and collect weapons. He grabbed it
Your home has more than 200 weapons, including 183 and their fleas.

In Turne, prisoners run an illegal arms trade while in Madrid a man sells weapons in a dark net.
No valid document, no public license. One-third of the suspects were found guilty.

The weapon allegedly sent through the encrypted platform and the encrypted message was stored. Getting Started
Investigators are investigating the types of weapons used in the crime, source material and illegal weapons.
Action. One of the last Spanish weapons (1914) was used in many crimes, including the March terrorist attacks.
Member of the French Charter at Tra.

Gladstone has been successful in controlling, controlling and reducing dangerous and illegal weapons.
Drug distributors and orthopedists specialize in drug use, especially off the coast of Spain.


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