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Operation Golalde Gripe has more than 3,000 dark weapons on the internet

darknet Operation Golalde Gripe has more than 3,000 dark weapons on the internet
Darknet Operation Golalde Gripe has more than 3,000 dark weapons on the internet

In 2015, Vigilante Galde filed a lawsuit alleging an attempt to dismantle the company’s functional structure.
Crime in the dark of the web. Hundreds of more than 3,000 weapons have been sold and thrown into the dark Internet market
Some have been arrested and some have already been convicted.

Argentine website
The case began when the Civil Defense Intelligence Service received an automatic weapon within 2,100 hours.
The euro recommendation is aimed at Gijin residents, pharmacists and shoppers familiar with the dark website.
Carurio Fernando, director of Asturias, newsletter.

Spanish Weapons Management Team, Recovery, Armed Forces Guards and Civilians.
It launched the Comprehensive Fire Fighting Program (PICAF) in 2015. After 322, the trial began with the right foot
Siroya’s most influential and practical website has yet to be found during a secret investigation. From the beginning,
3,050 unarmed weapons were confiscated and 295 protesters were arrested.

Spain is known around the world for its prevention, entry and entry of illegal immigrants.
Illegal hands move less than before. However, knowledge of the internet is limited and important
Donors seem to be confusing the authorities. Now the weapon can be called dark internet marketing.

Establishes an organization that works with the sale of drugs, weapons and terrorist cells
The biggest problem is the number of criminals and services on the Dark Web.
Paying for cryptocurrencies is unknown and is a major challenge for law enforcement.
The body of the research.

It is incredible to see that the weapons seized are modern and from all over the world. But mainly
“We hope that Israel, the Soviet Union and some others will steal it,” said Captain Carrillo. You print
Machine gun rifles, AK-47 assault rifles, rifles and shotguns can kill more than 600 weapons per minute.
Stairs are defined. It sells for 1,500 to 2,100 euros in the dark online markets.

Investigators are looking for where four prisoners in Madrid, Torrellaga and Astoria are working.
The criminal organization was illegally arrested

More charges are being made for the use of a revoked firearm license after becoming involved in a domestic dispute
It is licensed to manufacture firearms, store and store criminal weapons. He was arrested
His home has more than 200 weapons, including 183 rifles and rifles.

Arrests in Torlagega established illegal arms centers, sale and purchase of weapons in electronic systems.
Unauthorized and unauthorized persons. This was done in four experiments out of three tests.

According to the perpetrators, the calls were sent to archives and the messages were merged anonymously. Mother of God
The investigation began with the investigation of weapons without a firearm and focused on the nature of the weapons, the target
and the weapons used by criminals.
One of the weapons seized during the Spanish Revolution (1914) was used in many crimes, according to a March statement.
Members of the French army in Travis.

Operald Goalda has successfully demonstrated the ability to move, carry and reduce dangerous weapons that do not exist.
From an evolutionary point of view, they can be offended by tyrants and jihadists, especially on the Spanish coast.


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