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Operation The Great Venice Operation is underway in the UK, with 3.1 million in cash and 86 kilograms of drugs to date

The largest operation in the UK confiscated more than 3.1 million criminal cases and 86 kilograms of drugs.

The Southeastern Country Organized Crime Unit (Preiru) and its army in the region are one of the largest operations in Venice.
Focus on British Serious and Organized Crime Act.

To be successful, we have so far refrained from giving details.

One notion is the acquisition of global encrypted global communications services designed specifically for criminal use.

The proliferation of mobile phones raises awareness of this issue, but the isolation of the world has encouraged
Change the GooY language.

Millions of calls, millions of messages received and notoriety collected across the country.
And it shows that there are enough of people who use this technique in the process.

The international response has allowed the police to participate in the prevention of terrorism and report directly to public
Rio and the thief.

Good workmanship is required to complete the Big Team.

Eastern States, SEROCU and Humphrey Constabulary, Surrey Police, Sussex Police and Thames Valley Police
Over 60 arrests and 3.1 million arrests and over eighty-five miles

In preventing violence and planning for incidents, the County Sheriff’s Office Pete O’Doherty said:
Venice, under construction of the National Crime Center, has been able to achieve this thanks to the cooperation of both police
In England and abroad.

Operations in the southern region could not be completed without the intervention of local police
With support.

It is not only large in the southeast, but the benefits are also significant. Nothing
Not only stealing goods, but also the dangers and set up criminal activities work within us
the country.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the researchers at SEROCU in the department and all the leaders in the South
Because of your anxiety.

These criminals may not be comfortable with the radar police system
Technologies are used for them.

The purpose of the national police force is to crack down on these criminals.

There are so many times to do, SEROCU and its friends are ready to get people involved and limited.
The fight against organized crime and celebrities getting involved in crime and justice will continue.

The children watched
CEROK Internet Explorer researchers also released a number of arrests on June 19 in London and Wokingham.

8 kg Amphetamine, bal. 100,000 kopecks, and 53 electric motors and 5 details, five

Five people were arrested for conspiracy to conceal, conceal and return
Damage to real estate.

In the Thames Valley, there are about 300 thousand kg of silver a year and a half kg of cocaine, with grades A and B.
He was arrested three months ago.

Twenty people have been arrested for drug trafficking. Four people are facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder
So far to deliver first-class drugs and cash registers.

Thames Valley police, Katie Barrow Grint, said
He has a responsibility to fight serious and organized crime and if he breaks the law if possible.

Our unparalleled commitment means that we will work in partnership with the NCA and Seroku.
Police and other allies deal with this type of crime and protect everyone we meet.
it works.

We know that the seriousness of crime, as well as the control of human trafficking and drugs affect our society and the people
around us.
Thames Valley.

This joint operation successfully confiscated funds, drugs and weapons as well as preventing drug tests.
Don’t stop there, we will continue to take steps to prevent people who are looking for money to sin and harm us


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