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Pedophil raped a child and posted it on a black website

Created on 18 July 2019

Jordan Bornham, 23, was sentenced to life in prison, while Judge Peter Kelson sentenced QC to prison.
Seven years after the exchange. Burnham has previously accused two children under the age of eight
Loha Lena. The judge ruled that the eight years were too short for Farnham’s horrific crime. with the
The issue must be published before the password can be released.

[Judge: I can not think of a day by my side
When you consider that children are less affected by the numbers. Appears after Parnam’s fear
He told reporters on the Internet that he was posting a video about child abuse on January 30.

South Yorkshire Police raided his home in Burnsley on February 22 and exchanged knowledge across the country.
But he used the Internet. Sheffield Crown received a message when Bernham handed his phone to police.
Bad people here. Police were shocked to see a video of him abusing a girl.
Actor Simon Ribel said Bernham’s atmosphere could provide evidence for a live video. but
Burnham agreed to deliver to a group of people he met online. He always found a cover for pictures of children
phones. Studies also show that a teenager was arrested 12 months before he was convicted.

An employee named Matthew Harding testified that Pernam’s crime did not look like that of a child.
Koloa. The lawyer said Mr. Fenham did what he did.

Angel Nelson said she could not stress the truth of the matter. Your border is scary if you dont like it, he said.
Do not think, do not love. Can’t take medium picture. You threw it
Stories of the massacre were told by some men. Fen Ham tried
Follow and approve laws to prevent crime.


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