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Please note that if you are a Silk Road user or other rights activist, you will never register your identity.
Information about yourself online.

Although the NSA reached or threatened the Silk Road, the only information it objected to
You have a username and password.

How secure is this username and password? Is your password secure? Same password
Do you use your email address? Is there a name for someone you know personally? Always consider these aspects.

The second step you should take is to use PGP encryption, especially if it interacts with other users on sites like Silly Road.

PGP, tail, virtual box
It is not always possible. For example, if you are logging in to a website, completing a form, or logging in via email,
Consider the information you submit to your site in plain and potentially offensive text.

Don’t be sensitive to the types of plain text online.

Metal uses the features of PGP games and copy encoding is allowed.
PGP stands for excellent confidentiality and is used for encryption, decryption, and signing of text, email, files and
Improves whole partition protection and email communication.

For more advanced users, use a combination of hashing, data compression, symmetric key encryption, and finally
Public key cryptography.

The process of writing a PPP message for specific machine users is as follows

Create privacy between individuals and groups.

The public key is the key to the sender’s message.

Keep your password secret.

A private key is the only key that can lock messages that were previously associated with your public key.

If you are still angry, think about it.

Imagine a public key that could replace the traditional key frame for you.

Anyone can lock the box for you, but you can open it with a button.

If the sender (message) in the foreign window does not open.

Only a person with a password can use it.

If you want to reply to this person, minimize the message you want using the social media button.

Hold it in your hand, they will use the key to deliver the message you sent.

If you always stay with me, I’ll be happy that you don’t get lost.

This is called encryption and is designed to prevent anyone from accessing your messages without deleting them.
Hidden keys

Even if you lose your secret key, there is no big key.

You can delete this message forever.

So how to use PGP?

I would like to introduce you to PGP encryption and a direct operating system that uses encryption.
Very easy.

An automatic operating system is an operating system that can be used with the current operating system.

For example, if you are a Windows user, you have two options.

You can download the operating system, insert it into a CD or DVD, and insert it from your computer or DVD into your computer.

This will start both your computer and your operating system.

However, if you remove the CD or DVD and restart it, the computer will work properly.

You can use this function with a USB cable.

Secondly, you can run an operating system that works as a b-x.

You can start Windows at the same time and change easily when you start another operating system.
Back and forth between them without restarting the computer

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Direct Boot CD. Reduce the risk of viruses, malware and traffic.
Keylogger based on Windows errors

Biru Viruli
If you use this operating system from virtual inbox, I recommend that you download virtual inbox from Oracle. learn

[Phonebook encourages you to use a microphone.
The tail can be found on the website below.


The reason I choose tires is that they have many safety services if they are installed.

Some users are not satisfied, but this is a really effective system with security features.

This security kit contains a lot of issues including PG encryption and encryption.

Download the Tile ISO file from the official Tile website and you can insert or save it in the virtual box.
Download DVD or USB and boot the computer to this drive.

All other manuscripts in the box are for download, so do not worry about the details, be sure to publish
Virtual boxes containing a USB flash drive or SD card.

We recommend a USB drive for later reasons.

However, moving the virtual tape directly to the hard disk creates a temporary hard disk.
It is difficult when working with mosaic.

After closing the array, this virtual disk will be deleted, but not always.

If you can see from the recovery tool process, you can easily recover deleted files from the appropriate tool.

We will discuss how to protect Phelashga Loyoga devices in the future, but I have posted a photo of the line now.
Disconnect the hard disk drive and insert it into the USB cable or SD card.

This is also true if you load your computer directly on a DVD or USB drive.

Hard disk drive is used to save the files that Alert uses, so make sure to save the file or find it in the back.
Alternatively you can get a USB key or SD card.

So I want to use a check box and run a line box and check the box.

Keep the hard drive as low as possible.

It can even share files when restored, but is quite easy to do with a 16GB hard drive, so a 1TB hard drive.
Driving car

In the next section, we go back and use the PGP method.

The reason we work smart is because we use the tail in many ways.
With PGP


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