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So don’t forget that if you are a Silk Road user or another active user you will never be recognized.
Details about you on the Internet.

Do it so that even if the NSA prevents and interferes with the Silk way, it is exactly the opposite.
You have your name and password

How secure are your login and password? Does your password contain ID information? Code like yours
Do you use it for your personal letterhead? Is this the name you know personally? Always keep these elements in mind.

Another advantage is that you can use PGP encryption, especially if you interact with other users on sites like Silk.

PGP, cycle, virus free
This usually does not happen. For example, if you visit your website, you will receive an email form.
And others. Consider all the products you have on your website based on the ability of your business to pay.

Don’t post anything online.

PGP buys a new economy that doesn’t use new industries.
PGP stands for confidential information and is used to encrypt, delete and sign emails, emails, files, documents.
Increase the security of all disk and email partitions.

For most experienced users, emergency data turns, key locking
Public key

For less advanced users, PGP encryption messages are the best.

You create a private and public key.

A public key is a key that you give to people who want to send an encrypted message.

Your private key is hidden by a private person.

This private key can only be blocked by messages that were previously blocked by the public key.

If you’re still confused, think about it.

Think of a public key that can spin a lock for you.

Anyone can close the box, but if you want to open it, you need to open it.

If the sender has blocked your complaints (all messages), you cannot open them.

You can open a private key.

If you want to respond to this person, you must use the public key to send the message you want to send.

And they use their personal keys to listen to their messages.

If you’re still with me, I’m glad you lost me.

This is called a cryptographic description and is designed to prevent the message from bothering you so you can decrypt it without
Private key.

Even if you lose your personal password, you cannot reset it.

You can close the ongoing message.

Are you currently using PGP?

Before I get there, let me introduce you to a live OS that includes PGP encoding and encryption.
Very easy.

Direct management system is a system that can be used in your current operating system.

For example, if you are a Windows user, you have two options.

You can download the operating system automatically, burn it to a CD or DVD, and restart your computer from that DVD or CD.

This ensures that your computer works when you install this system on your computer.

However, if you clean and reload the CD or DVD, the computer will restart.

You can also use a USB device for this.

Second, you can replace the live B operating system with a real B-X.

The advantage of this is that you choose Windows when you start the other operating system, which can run simultaneously and is
easy to install.
The computer cannot move back and forth between them.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Your computer is infected with viruses, malware, etc. As problems with inserting a live CD.
Keyloggers updated Windows tracking.

final test
If you are running the Virtual Box operating system, we recommend that you download Oracle’s Virtual Box. to see

[The only way to deal with real life with tiles.
You can check the message on the following website.


The reason I chose the seller is that there are so many security features in mind.

Some users are not happy with the attachment, but it is a great operating system full of security features.

Many of us talk about security, including PGP encryption and decryption, in this context.

Make sure you download the Tales ISO file from the Tale official website. You can download or save them in a standard window
Download it to DVD or USB and start the computer from this device.

There are plenty of tutorials for downloading virtual boxes, so I won’t go into details other than the review.
Virtual box and tail from USB memory stick or SD card.

I recommend a USB stick, but I’ll explain it later.

Fortunately, while the video box is running on your player, the hard drive temporarily makes your job difficult.
Hold firmly when you hit the anus.

When the radio is off, these tracks stop and will not stop at all.

As we know from recovery devices, deletion of files can be downloaded directly from the intended devices simply.

In a future post, I’ll talk about how to save files from data recovery tools. But now is the time to keep the virtual box and
Wipe the hard drive and boot it with a USB drive or SD card.

This is normal if the computer is connected directly to the tail from a DVD or USB drive.

Your hard drive is used to store used KOI files, so make sure you have the files you are saving or accessing.
You can recover or recover from USB or SD card memory.

That’s why I prefer to use virtual boxes, virtual boxes and repos outside of USB boxes.

Keep it as far away from the main hard drive as possible.

Verbal documents can take up space elsewhere, but in a flash drive from 1TB to 16GB.
To run

In the next article, we’ll look at how to use PPP.

Because I change the tiles I use


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