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Pharmaceutical experts from Bantul “Alphabet Vendor Pharma” to be tested in Utah

darknet Pharmaceutical experts from Bantul "Alphabet Vendor Pharma" to be tested in Utah
Darknet Pharmaceutical experts from Bantul "Alphabet Vendor Pharma" to be tested in Utah

Updated for 2019 August 18

As the U.S. opioid crisis turns into a fentanyl epidemic, prosecutors say a Utah man has become the king of drugs.
Create drug distributors and transport them to the US. He. My older brother.

Aaron Shamu, a former scout, Aaron Shamu will be convicted with him on Monday, the 29th and is lying behind a group of friends.
Salt Lake City ruled hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of years and removed hundreds of people from their homes.
Recently, thousands of fentanyl tablets have alleviated the epidemic in the state

aaron shamo aka Pharma meister [shamo aka Pharma
Hopefully the federal government should comment that it killed tens of thousands of people.
American Chinese can be imported, printed for fraud, and sold online on the black market in both countries.

Prosecutors say several vendors were killed in the ring
Security issues arise because of security issues and you can only complain about Shamoy
One added: R. who died in June. K.
In 2016, after the announcement of the release of fentanyl in the desert

However, the Shamos family remained silent
Pay personal loans from close friends. Thats his thing
Father Mike Shamo said the children are very small
As a young man, he tried to fight cancer, but eventually he made his own money.
The Eagle Scout incident was stopped at the hospital.

Aaron Shamo
In order to purchase, you want to be informed about the content of the header
Workout Buff, who loves reviewing books like The Secret
Mike Shamo, who dreamed of starting his own business to grow the business
Other changes.

It will search with you and check the time
He is responsible for the money and doesnt know what will happen
I think medicine is dangerous
Whati do you choose to do because you have no experience with sales. is it
This number is just a page.

During the arrest of Aaron Schmidt in 2016, authorities said Boston was the largest state in the country.

During a search of his home on the outskirts of Sergeant Wood Hitt, officers found an inaccessible swimmer still hanging.
According to court documents, thousands of bullets and tens of millions of dollars were thrown toward the connection.

The group started two years ago and has been around for over two years
Dozens of people, including Aaron Solomon, met during a conversation with eBay
At the center, they claimed in court documents. Prosecutors say it has been restored
Between bad friends Aaron Sham and David Cordel
Much depends on the girls who see and talk. A
Eventually Jim started importing and selling steroids to friends and acquaintances
According to court documents, the surgery is complete.

Another man, Jonathan Locke, also confirmed assistance
Prepare the mixture and pour the fentanyl table into the cornea
He traveled a long international journey.

Lawyers Crandall and Bass did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Shama brought fentanyl from China and paid a lot of money
Bring her home and give her accordingly
Officials. He said he cut off the dust along with the other miles
Print on the tablet in color and with seals and watch the look
Drugs, say lawyers.

Experts warn that such a network could smuggle drugs from the mother and pop
Very dangerous: They cut and mix fentanyl at the same time
It can be closed without complicated equipment
In one package, the false disk may contain some fentanyl and another
Enough to kill right away.

They send hidden poison,
Prosecutor Michael Gott said. If you think for a moment
You have to decide what kind of people are abusing the prescription of oxycodone
Neighbors, this is my neighbor. People who underwent surgery on the road and got it
Such a curved shape.

The tablets are sold online
. Market stadium. The dark face was a second attempt
The Internet is open to a specific browser, which is often misused
There are some interesting parts, but they are cool and fun
Customer feedback is similar to tools like Amazon and Ebay.

The master
He is said to be one of the darkest sellers on the market,
The court said it sometimes issued 20 to 50 orders a day

When the orders came, the packages counted the pillows and made one
Discard the envelopes or boxes on the device
Critics say they live in America. The tablets were packed in bags
List the wrong addresses, such as Jamaica Green
Money for coffee and more. Packages rejected
There are letters in Salt Lake evading police and riot police
He said,

Some income from people who buy on their own
In some cases, this has turned thousands of tablets into computers
Members and drug dealers work on the street,
Critics have accused him.

Each pill costs less than a pen and can be sold for more than $ 20 on legal street drugs.
Said the baddies.

However, in June 2016, the US commander received a package
Fentanyl has appealed to all those who have received it in exchange for Harun Shamo products
According to court documents, it could be opened from there.

Five months
The coroner later learned that no charges were filed
The company, also known as Express, is being investigated. Again
External costs are more than just costs. Thirty-five thousand a day’s price
Full stock with forty-five fentanyl packages made in thirty-three homes.
Said the baddies. Only one box will be evaluated
More than $ 400,000, according to court records.

Sung by Aaron Shamus
He fought for Candle in late 2016 and the following year
Returning to dig the ground, he was captured in the Hawaiian Islands
Getting married in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

– In other words
After his arrest, Aaron Chamo took action
Advise other citizens to write letters of intent
Encourage them to write to the local church after the award
His father, Maiko Shamo, said he wanted to survive after being arrested. he
I wrote to the governor, and he gave me various programs
To jail.

Pass and Crandell were also confirmed
They can witness to friends at the same time with the same skills
Another critic.

The family knows this well.

The requirements are the same. We want the same for everyone, yes
Mickey Chamo was also acquitted on the charge
Before I forget.


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