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Playing a zombie by police around a black town in Utah

The Federal Police Department is investigating the alleged activities of a rare and dangerous antibiotic in Magna County.
It’s called zombie medicine.

The UPD says it is the first time it has seen the bug in Utah, though it says it is not the first time the drug has appeared.
Will appear in the state

According to the ministry’s order, the wheelchair had just moved from the dark to its home in Magna.
He was not secured in his hometown.

The command indicates that the package contains A-PHP.

The A-PHP route is a well-known and unique method of disciplinary organizations. The treatment is more comprehensive
This is a risk for consumers.

It should be noted that the A-PHP size is for personal use.

The researcher wrote: These are usually placed in a dark place and sent by mail.

According to medical experts, it contains various forms of metafin and PCS, which cause colds and allergies.

According to doctors, this involves special energy, a lot of adrenaline and potentially dangerous behaviors.

Doctors have warned that bottles can cause serious health problems and psychosis.

The order stated that the zombie pesticide containers that went to Magnus’ house were called fake containers.

A U.S. runner has told police he delivered a counterfeit package in recent months.

For the general public, those who receive illegal drugs in the U.S. Post using names.

Neighbors Lisa Cheney and Aaron Camp, who live across the bridge, have described a picture of a rented house.

He said: “A lot of people drive cars and they are very worried.

The ban came to light when police set up a search engine two weeks ago.

When we got home from work, three or four cars talked to the boss and collected things.

They can enjoy the ride.

According to the camp, we will put new drugs on the streets.
Although the names of the suspects were revealed at the trial, the UPD said on Thursday that it did not arrest him again.
the investigation continues.


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