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Darknet Pod Cats Perfect Plus

Millions of people are being sold on the dark Internet, and more than 10,000 drugs are being sold on the Internet.

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[Accurate fraud record
God is the father of the dark network
Will Nanson: This week’s AARP is the best scam.

I think there is one page, 171,000 people are registered on this page.
People were there for a bad reason.

I was woken up by people I knew. Im not really aware of myself

Will Johnson: Welcome to this week’s episode of the ARP podcast “Perfect Piece.” Im Johnson, Im with you
See Password Cohost, AARP Ambassador Frank Abnell. Frank, what are you doing?
Frank Avanare: Good, thank you, Will.

Will Johnson: Frank, if I can, I can be arrested. What do you think
Im the only one

Frank Abnell: It doesnt seem like it

Johnson: You can have another 40 years in your life.

Frank Abganale: All right.

Johnson’s return: So what to do? I don’t know who to do, but I think Leo, Leonardo DiCrio, is back.
All of our accusations are about fraud, so we should put the blame on it. Dark empire is a legacy of online activity
Live, live, save, save, save, murder, social security number, o. AARP fraud expert Sg Schadale checked
So Safe Website to explore.

Doug Scaddle: An opportunity created by the US Navy in the early 2000s. Driver
Some sources of communication, travel providers are unknown. Then they took the computer
This is called the fifth pump, TOR. The T-O-R is what you can access on the website, but the criminals have begun.
They said that technology is one for the first time, wait, can we talk about it together? Scale
A. This is great because we want to sell more drugs. Nearly 80% of the damage to the Dark website has been copied
Blend fruit. The remedy is intended for sale online. There are also features and product features
Communication. Here’s your digital identity and my Ga’s identity. What is Digital? Things like your social security
Credit, personal information.

Will Sanson: Looking deeper into the dark web, how it started, how and where it works
One day we arrived at the original, Brett Johnson. Many believe that Brett was the one who introduced the dark web. This fever
Brett’s life has changed. As an adviser to the FBI and the Secret Service, they use their knowledge to the best
Private companies against cybercriminals.

I sat down with Brett and we talked for about 90 minutes and after talking, I can tell you it was a great experience.
Many episodes of this show have been deceived by many. But Brett has a unique story that helps us overcome it
Criminal psychology in cyberpace.

Music Segu

nsonson: The secret service you call the real father-in-law on the internet, right?

Brett Johnson: All right. I’m not an expert on that, but I think so.


Brett Johnson: Learn more about black web and cybercrime. Others
Anyone who is lost knows more than I do.

Will Johnson: Get to the end. So you have to define one of the first sources of the internet
Can I, I call that?

Brett Johnson: Yes, I am

Johnson Road: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse.

Brett Johnson: Well, I created the first cyber community, the first cyber crime community. This is known as the murder
He is the first person today, laying the foundation for building a new footprint

Johnson: Brett Johnson grew up in eastern Kentucky. She describes her mother as a fraudulent allowance
The place where he grew up. He managed everything by stealing 108,000 worms from the store.
Look at the boss.

Emotions. He has no compassion. He left me and my sister alone. By this time, he had left his father, and so was he
He wasn’t there, but, here I am, my sister is 9. I miss my mom for a few nights. We had no food at home. I also am.
Always a child always afraid that her mother would return. Knowmata and certification stops, you see, you go through the window
and you go
See if he sees me coming back, I’m always scared. Dennis, at a young age
9, he, too, is a merchant. He loves it. It’s been a few days. One day Dennis came in
It’s a homemade pork chop along with it. Like me, where do you find them? And he loved them, and I stole them. M
Like hmm, show me how you did it.

Will Johnson: Brett says his crimes started ten years ago. Brett, his sister and his mother started it all.
Theft and stealing.

Brett Johnson: Nobody wants to blame my parents for my choice as an adult. Van
I like breaking the rules.

Will Johnson: Something to tell around it. I appreciate your comments, but I am grateful
This means that you do not have a good role model, but you are working on realizing that you do not have food. That is
There is a need

Brett Joh Onson. Yes it’s true:

ns onson. Do you remember when you first logged into your computer?

Brett Joh Onson. My first computer I owned was the Texas Instrument TI-994A. I think I did, somehow
Time: The most popular product for videos is the right one. The good thing is I did it first
The Internet is probably 94.95.

ns onson. Yes, that is a great thing, even if you eventually join the world beyond the Sun.

Brett Johnson: Me and the others on the computer. I was a little crazy.

Follow the trail

Will Johnson: Brett’s first crime was selling blue beans.
The blue elephant E 1500 on eBay revealed in 1996 that it had started using balloons with fake players.
How to get a satellite in a USB box and create a channel for users to pay them. Brett said in a sentence
It suits the world of networking companies.

Stories like yours always ask this question so you can explain everything.

Brett Johnson: Yeah.

Will Johnson: First. I understand that you are living now or if you had your thoughts, it would have been much easier
At a young age, you can see something.

Brett Johnson: No, the windows are useful, but my dad and mom have less share. He did well
Mother’s appeal My father was a man my mother just wanted to love and he did everything.
He left her, did not return home, but still lost her. He asked not to abuse me and my sister.
But he bought it, but he bought it. Just try not to lose your love. The same things happened when I was younger.
In my opinion. I didn’t want people to run away from me. I don’t want to lose important people,
It just so happened that I didn’t want to get away from them. I didn’t want to work and
He wanted me to be sure I was always there to help him. I was a very trustworthy person and that is why I was
Then she gave way to her. Opsu and I came to your place where I was thinking, yes, I was trying to tell people their reasons. And
He always allowed my business.

Will Johnson: And you can live with the debt on him, if you were there he wouldn’t be.

Brett Johnson: This is not the first time. Well, yes, he is absolutely innocent because he is sitting there
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl
Achieve the goal. Yes, you can only search for information online and not share it with anyone else
He helped me, who helped me get this law.

Johnson: When did the Black Web begin? That’s why they launched their first online store. in this case
During this limit?

Brett Johnson: No, no.

Johnson: Is the site black?

Brett Johnson: No, it’s cybercrime, I was here because cybercrime was a less serious crime
It has become a business and today’s economy is large. Yes, I was there
Do you sell stolen satellite maps? Now these were the 97th election, I thought I was going to think about money, and they are
You need a fake identifier for this purpose. So I don’t know how to get a fake ID, what do I need to do to connect online? I
The guy gives me his testimony, I sent him a picture, I sent him $ 200 and he kidnaps me. Is it okay that I’m sad? I’m angry. for
Actually, I’m talking to someone. I don’t want to take it. You’ll be on the web next time
The library was fake and everything they sold was fake. That was it. But they have a platform and no
I go to the forum because someone used it and the only thing I do every day is to get rid of the complaint
ID is incorrect. When I was there, the other two gentlemen were together. One of them is called Beelzeb
Mr. person named Disaster in Saskatchewan. X is from Los Angeles

Johnson: So your name eventually became Golam Fun?

Brett Johnson: At that time, my name was Caller Entertainment.

Johnson Johnson: Did you come with him? Are you a fan of the ring?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I don’t have a tower. Yes, I am. So I understand, I’m complaining about Belzeb, no
Discuss how he recognizes him. One day he invited me to ICQ, was an intelligence officer and said, Glam, he said:
I can create a profile for you. I want it? He wanted to, yes, and I would throw this one out and send it to me. She is in love
I can give it for free here, but he says no. 200 of us underwent surgery. He said I should
So if you want to work with this business online, you need to trust people. I’m angry, I love him
Do you know what that idea is? I already have friends who manage this site. I mean
I’ll only send you $ 200, so if you wait, I’ll give it to you in this section. So I sent him 200 200, I sent one photo, two
A week later, two weeks later, I received an Indiana ID from Steven Schwartz. What he did later
If he wanted to sell his ID, he would give me an idea that he made me hell, he wanted me to really get over it .
This forum has been created. I’m working with people who have this site now, and I’m asking them to:
Can I see Farium? They say yes, you can. So I summed up the editing and Belzebub asked me if I would review everything
It’s just a product and it says you need to understand how people understand these products. You may ask, you see
Everything comes and you know how it goes. I love trying this idea, then we do it, so I started doing it
You are not the only one who speaks orally because there is no other face.

Johnson: Please. Seems that

Brett Johnson: He was in the front row and they went in.

Johnson: And are you checking the results?

Brett Johnson: I just tried the product.

Johnson: It happened.

Brett Johnson: So there are people who have a fake ID, I was ordered to send a fake ID.

It’s Johnson: and is he right or wrong, or is he legally employed?

Brett Johnson: What about legal work?

Will Johnson: Like a shirt or something

Brian Johnson: Oh, good.

Will Johnson: Either Eva sold Sleepwalkers.

Bert Johnson: No, everything is illegal. If so, someone is joking
Documentation, they need to give some controls to sell them at the conference. It looks like a credit card or debit card
In other words


Will Johnson: You recently joined the Ukrainian team that runs the Cardinal Planet website. Just steal it
Credit card and breakfast know how to make it.

Brett Johnson: So were going to join him, we went, and from there we went to Shady Gate, and
The process of programming, the introduction of Darknet Market is very simple.

Johnson: Brett will be in office for three years, joining the 4,000 members.

Bryant Johnson: It is a well known fact that he knows that his business can earn up to 30-40,000 a month in stolen
Menu. Product purchase, refund

Willie Johnson: They finally figured out how to add Bali in a refreshing way.
Receive cash at ATMs. A lot of money was brought.

Brett Johnson: We start earning 30,000 a month or 30 30-40,000 a day.

Johnson: You can make a lot of money from ATMs, right?

Brett Johnson: All right.

Johnson: So find two more?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I guess, it doesn’t sound like BT, not me.

Johnson: But in 2001, Brett started lending everywhere.

Brett Johnson: I started searching, and at the same time you’re calling,
As SOB does, it is called cyber theft and uh.

Johnson: That’s right.

Brett Johnson: Listen to what you see now, it will make you complain.
It could be the light of theft. Now man. I started. Hmmm, so I started in 2003. Just
2003 I did. Trust me, I only reach 160,000 a week.

Will Johnson: You did well.

Brett Johnson: Do it

Johnson: The day when the release starts?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I’m good. I was sentenced to 30 years in prison, so I decided to retire

Johnson: Sorry. Do you make a lot of money this season?

Brett Johnson: I really did, I made a lot of money. M, tax evasion, cardinal,
When I do my heart, I make $ 40,000-40 a month. Tax revenue is now rising. Tax fraud information
I do 1000 years and 10 months.

Boiling: Did you put all that money in bed?

Brett Johnson: I put all my money in my pocket. A pair of sports jeans is essential for your children
Always spend $ 100,000 for 20 years. I know it’s mine
Well, if I report the tax every six minutes and accept the tax report after Sunday.
200% and 0% cash Wednesday 8 hours and 200 weekly tax returns. Posted and directed on Thursdays
If you spend cash on Saturday or Saturday mornings and refuse the ATM
After 20 years, AIC can’t hang anything on an ATM. Come back on Sunday. The money is back
I went to Kiev. Classic Palter Kitchen in Charleston, South Carolina
When I sent it to the empty room, I saw that 10,000 bags were full inside.

Coming Chan

Will Johnson: Sorry, I was surprised by a sudden incident while driving at an ATM
Sometimes Im not just credit card numbers, but weapons and drugs, right?

Brett Johnson: My rule at the head of the crew is three rules, but the rules are not made
No money, no drugs, no child pornography. And we never tried hmm baby porn or canon ever since.
Apparently because we have people who worked as well as a bell or a beret. He was tall, worked in a factory, and was
He could find a weapon without a serial number and sell it in 2000. Pop these days
He began to speculate that it happened that I, another manager, wanted to use the drug. So at the end
In this reflection and team, the first one allowed us to sell ecstasy, so we have people who will love this album for 40,000.
UMH and Ecstasy are the first thing we have marijuana retailers. Finally oxontin

Will Johnson: October 26, 2004, USA Intelligence detained 33 people in six countries in six hours.
Some people leave, but later. In 2005, he followed suit.

Brett Johnson: What happened was in Charleston, South Carolina, and I found a lot of UPS diamonds. It was pointed out
Cash on Delivery, Cash Payment. Please, I met the driver at f, and he asked me to name my name, he said, listen to this
I have your package. He sent me a package and gave them a check, which I think is 23,000. I came back and was there
South Carolina police were called to the FBI and Charleston at gunpoint.

Music weather

Johnson: When an Englishman was in a provincial prison, he was interviewed by the Secret Service. They made a pact with
him. Become one
A few months ago, we showed some nice people on the Dark Web.

Brett Johnson: I went out that night and I had 30% left and I had to leave my secret service.
From the hotel room, go to Walmart and buy a debit card before paying your taxes again. I work in the workplace
10 months of confidential services and you are breaking the law every day for these 10 months.

These issues

Will Johnson: Brett is arrested. But he did not duplicate himself and broke the sentence again. I was traveling to
So Orlando, Disney World, tries to find parks every day. But the gas turned on and was rejected
60 months in prison.

Brett Johnson: If you don’t have a criminal record, the village sends them first,
I need to apply for unreliable people in the field of government, who can work outside the prison staff
And it is. I have a job outside the warehouse and worked six weeks and one day I went to work. I did something else
The packages are literally aimed at my friends, money, cell phones and ID. I have 300 miles
Right now, American airbags cycle everything, and I think we will be Ukrainian money.
I never did that. So I went in and he took me to Texas.

Johnson: Are you happy with snakes and all?

Brett Johnson: Oh, that’s me, now you see me. That means my hair is dark blue. I also got this big star
Everything is different. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Johnson will have: but for him it is.

Brett Johnson: He did. They did.

Will Johnson: So Breitz will go back to prison, and to his father’s surprise he thinks his life hasn’t come there yet.

Brett Johnson: And I saw a prison convention held by my father. One of the prisoners in the area
Travel 10 minutes. And he said to me, “Do you want me to do something for you?” I love it too, my sisters wish me well
So I called Dennis and Dennis in Kentucky, and Dennis was far from North Carolina and he told him.
Dennis and I got pregnant in the car, and it takes her 7 to 10 minutes to tell her she loves me. About you
Sent, I was left alone for months and locked up in Texas, but I can’t find him
Come back in five years. And yes, it took me two years to figure it out.
Prison and um, I’m not working to help people, I’m breaking the law.

Is Johnson just looking for your life?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, yeah, most people come, oh, because prison is so boring,
When you are not an adult, you are right when you do not have time to work instead of thinking. So you know where you are
Either admit your actions or blame someone annoyed. And I will
Accept what I did. That’s how I came out in 2011 and I didn’t like breaking the law. But one day you will let him go
It will give you a way out of prison. So during my three years of persecution I could not go there.
Computer. So I can only make a thick typewriter and I love doing it. I received 400 cash
I do it once a week and I am in good health. Im in the senior season and the field is over

In fact, we are

Will Johnson: At this point, Bertel met Mitchell and married him, but he returned to work.
One good

Brian Johnson: Michelle works on her own. It only makes money. I want to love and do
I want to do a few things to achieve that and I deserve it. So go online, buy your stolen credit card and go to work
We were looking for food, I was arrested and detained for 10 months. And Michelle stood beside me. Hi, this is God
Sorry, he never doubted, he never thought about it, he was there.

Will Johnson: Eventually, working in prison seems like a rush, or most importantly, deceiving someone.
It’s not like Michelle. They want to do the right thing.

Bart Johnson: So I joined the link for each post. You see, a police officer is very involved in cybercrime.
Cybercrime still occurs outside of Pittsburgh. I am wrong
LinkedIn I love and respect everything. I think you did a great job and were appreciated
I enjoy doing legal work and you are wrong, believe me

Will Johnson: Brett is coming to start a new life. He started discussing legal matters
Everything you know about business is a black page. Right now; Create secrets in a small area
It contributes to the growth in the black space that is available today.

Brett Johnson: When Shadow Crew closes, it gives an idea of how, how much and how much it has been since me.
We reached 4,000 members. On July 5 last year, Alpha Bay closed the site in its darkest spot. Close yourself up
It has 240,000 members in each seat.

Playing music

Will Johnson: When you think of the person who started the network, you’ll understand
The first purchase of a baby is pulling bean sprouts. Is it different to the person I see now?

Brett Johnson: New, I don’t think it makes any difference. Well, yes, yes, I know this and I know why it is so
The difference. Im still that person. Well, yes, yes, I know this and I know why it is so. I am
Dont think Im interested in my time. But my chance is that you know me
An action that affects others and you know I suffered the worst. I steal from people I know, people I have never met
I’m not interested in yes. My whole voice is so bad that it didnt recognize me BT. I said that is not a good thing
Theres people out there right now, but hes a good person and I try to never change anything, but I cant.
So I think I can now guarantee that my future decisions will help change the trauma.

What’s going on

Will Johnson: Back in the network of Apex Ambassador Frank Abgnel for corruption. Copy again
Its not as successful as people list, phone number, credit card and so on

Frank Abgnel: I always remind people that when you sell data, you make money in two ways; Form of money
And in the form of data, data is money and they actually sell data on the dark internet and they sell that information.
Black thread. The only thing I did in the chat room was with the video recording feature.
Show it at the top of the screen. It’s beautiful now

Will Johnson: Let me ask your audience for advice if your credit or debit card has been stolen.
or whatever, bank account number and concern, oh, was sold on Dark Web you can
do it

Frank Abagnale: But you know what, my philosophy that I quoted and wrote about is innocent.
Map. I just made a credit card. It’s not a credit card, just a credit card, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card.
Working day
I took advantage of my credit card debt for life. I don’t care about my money. My money is in a money market account
they deserve attention. No one knows where he is because he has been transferred to no one. I went to the supermarket with my
credit card
I use my credit card to clean up. I arrived by plane in the morning to get to my credit card. Then it’s like that
All I can do to protect my number, but when someone comes to my number and pays a million dollars with my loan
on paper, under federal law, my debt is zero. I should, and if I use my credit card and pay my bill or part of my checking
Your credit score is rising, so trust my credit score. If you have a debit card and use it immediately
These consolidate the money in your bank account. And you can use that bank card ten times in the next 20 years
every day and do not increase your credit score by an inch. It always will be. Therefore, use only one credit card. When you buy
There was something they didnt wear online, I protected it. If I buy something online, I cant buy
be protected. If I go on the internet and the whole website is formatted and I ask for something, I am never protected. Thats
what I always say
Hi, I don’t really like my credit card on the Dark Web, so I’m obviously not responsible for it.
Please let your credit card company know that I will not be responsible for this payment within 30 days of receipt.
My statement, I am not responsible for these tags.

It’s about Johnson: what about the money? Do they accept payment?

Frank Abagnale: Ask my bank what they call an ATM. I dont want it with the VISA brand, MasterCard. bean
It doesnt mean debt.

Johnson: They’ve already done it.

Frank Abagnall: Well.

Will Johnson: That was the first

Frank Abigail: They’re doing it well. As I told the bank, all I needed was an ATM card.

Johnson: All right, call Frank and use a credit card to get an ATM card.

Frank Abaniel: That’s right. Indeed, if I travel, I will get out of there
Someone will be overseas, I make money on any application I use Visa or MasterCard. They pay me, but the payments are mine.
It is a cheap solution to access my expensive bank accounts, they only have one Visa account.

Johnson: So the person most excited with his words and advice is Gene Beam, who runs our Facebook page.
The Facebook Fraud Tracking page has changed purchasing times and money laundering methods.
early. So he was very careful, but thanks to his words, he is with us today.

Artistic work

Will Johnson: Genius, thank you for staying here.

Genius Go: Hi, thank you for taking me with you.

You’re Johnson: what part did we bring with us. This was stated by John Binam Al.

Gin full: Oh, it’s him.

Wilson John: Jane’s Beam Tricks

Jane Bim: Yes I can, I don’t think. We opened a fake Facebook page. I worry all day.
And I was wrong

Wilson Johnson: It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Then tell me what

Jane Beam: Well, yes, because I’ve done a lot of scams. I have the same idea. I check my credit card.
The lender always had frozen credit on my account, and I think I’ve adjusted everything
And this morning I checked my debit card and got two monthly payments for a Trans Union credit card certificate and the
Both are priced at 19.95 and feel red. I’m crazy because my idea has already started in the union.
They gave me that, they paid me twice for their mortgage, so I asked if they were angry.
I was so happy and didn’t think so. What I do then is call 800 numbers
My credit card I was there to check my list, but sweet girl on the phone.
I called, I was like an OHM and I hung up the phone and asked for a credit card right away.
Business, you have to do something first

Mr Johnson: Where can James learn more about editing a fake Facebook page?

Chamber: Follow me on

Is there anything? Johnson: Oh, thank you. Thanks to a friend who is an ambassador for the franchise scam chain.

Frank Abagnale: Glad to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Wilson Johnson: More information and resources to protect you or a loved one from a victim.
Check out the fraud on the AARP Fraudwatch Network website at Thanks to my team of fraud
investigators. Julie Gates, Brooke
Sound teachers Alice, sound engineers Steve Bartlett and Julio Gonzlez. I will go to Johnson in full AARP fraud

The original text is available in AARP

You can listen to all the podcasts on your favorite device in the menu via links on your device (Apple, Android, Spotify).


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