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Portugal’s second largest fake network exploded on the black network in Portugal

Portuguese police have released a so-called Europeans
The second largest network of dark internet with counterfeit business money
Europol supported it.

Police have arrested five suspects
Charges of making fake tickets and membership
Organized crime.

He was arrested after finding counterfeit money
For example, France has more than $ 1.3 million ($ 1.43 million)
German, Spanish and Portuguese.

As part of the operation, it will lead to the arrest of the suspects
Investigators attacked eight residential and commercial locations
Addresses were found from 1833 tickets
The total face value is 69,930.

Engines, including equipment, are uncontrolled
Content used to make coins, such as computers
Printer hologram, security documentation and security cable
Self-holographic belt, UV light and ink

He spoke in support of the “European” event
Get started with fake Apple experts. Lots of meetings
We partner with Europol to provide information packages
And so on.

In addition to financial support, there are European law enforcement agencies
Learn about the Portuguese authorities
Provide functional support on weekdays.

Over the weekend, European experts were dispatched to the site with the help of a mobile office.

The report on the arrests comes when Interpol held a conference at its headquarters in Lyon, France, focusing on
The role of counterfeit currency, and in particular the black market, in promoting illegal bank trading.

Delegates are also exploring new ways to combat fraud
Banks, futures and financial audits
Tools, research challenges obtained through banknotes
Make fold printers and follow fake methods.

According to Europol [
The money used will continue to be an important issue in law enforcement
However, the economy is undergoing digital taxation

The European Law Enforcement Agency is considering a planned crime
However, gangs will continue to create fake ads
At least because of the tools and instruments needed for the product
Costs also support access to the black network

In April, the Spanish police announced the closure of an organized crime network behind a fake euro.
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