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Q1 2019 Spam and phishing reports

darknet Q1 2019 Spam and phishing reports
Darknet Q1 2019 Spam and phishing reports

Updated July 18, 2019

The tea tree
Blue sky
Previously, the secret was associated with the day of the attack to avoid confidential information.
Star-based users on credit card information. To date, the issues have remained in the cyber crime shops
At home . But more than ever, consumers want to connect with their loved ones and shop around. Started / started
The chains of this kind of information provide information about the victims.

Apple’s latest products
On Monday, it announced new Apple products that analysts could easily identify. .Finally
Yes, there are an increasing number of users who are not trying to cheat on Apple websites. Tuktakua
Internet bugs are the subject of spam emails from Apple officials under Internet and Implementation Monitoring.
Their identity is flawed.

Real technology
Customer information is the most popular method of fraud. The number of these words has risen
They were closed again. You can find the chain of fake tech support websites (even if there are news items) in the same election
Social networks.

All profiles we find in the 1st quarter have one thing in common:
They provide help in solving problems related to some company.
Products that promise special training, quality personnel.
Preparing and planning help It is not necessarily free.
This problem is not only solved by consumers
Seduced and

New INSTAGRAM functions
Last year, Fisher and other scammers withdrew from mailing lists and joined popular Instagram media.
This trend continues for attackers who use only the service and not only, but leave the link to the source of the scam.
It comments, while also explaining how to save ads, getting paid to show ads, and even attracting celebrities to show content.

Cybercrime advertisers use the same way to attract victims by promoting lucrative products or services such as
As usual, customers look for all kinds of information, from bank accounts. It does not specify
All users understand that their personal information has been compromised.

Imitation of EMAIL
In the first quarter we registered a number of identity thefts in the form of instant messages on behalf of the basic services.
Income from the management of postal fraud fraud lists tries to compel recipients to identity theft
Check your account or update your payment information. Sometimes fraud with similar names to current services is used.
Sometimes captured places lead the victim to a forged permit.

Financial access
In the first quarter, we targeted ACH in the United States with a huge wave of spam-based users.
Software is used by a large number of users and small businesses. This offer was made with false information.
In case of replacements, he claims the work was done by regular customers or companies. These messages have invalid links.
(Source and documentation): Download links to malware infected files.

Family dreams require a job
We added another great post this quarter. It is believed that the messages were sent by well-known companies
Attract potential candidates. Recipients are encouraged to register in the free job search program:
A special computer program to access the database. The user was present while downloading the cloud service
Show a pop-up window with DDOS content and a message linking the charter website to the Internet (
The addresses used in the postal address (agency name) after the user contain a malicious DOC file
Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen downloaded to your computer, which was then downloaded to Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.bqr.
Vehicle sacrifice.

Shifts and reports
Interest in cybercrime has not diminished as expected. Spammers still transfer unspecified payments to foreign currency
User via SMS. In the first quarter of 2019, we found a very awesome cryptocurrency system
Request to access the recorded file and send it to the recipient of a CIA officer.
Child pornography.

It has been found that the fake author, whose name has been changed from letter to message, extracts information about the victim
from a file.
(Integrated through social networks / discussions / online forums, etc.). They say it is part of a foreign state
More than 2,000 terrorists have been charged in two countries. However, employees are aware of this.
The victim was a good security guard who would pay 10,000 for bitcoin.

The fear of presenting your information to others,
As in recent years, fraudsters use similar technologies and methods
Complaints about personal information, pornography, etc. But in this regard
That the message is credible and scary is what the CIA officers do
Used as a boogie boy.

Failed company attacks
In the first quarter, Rennett’s business district was hit by spam. Content mimics real-time,
The message itself seems to come from influential companies.

They also seek out fake emails meant to steal financial information from shipping companies worldwide.
This message was provided by an American company that provides information services. But there is nothing else to learn
For all messages The lack of clear text is intended to encourage the victim to open the text.
Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen, downloads and installs Trojan-Banker.Win32.Trickter.gen on your computer.

Onria in the banking industry
The bank was formed for the purpose of hunting. Cookies try to trust their fake messages
Change the legal location to the mailing address, follow the official order of the book,
In the first quarter, millennials used significant events to have a direct effect on the victims of the messages they received,
He took part in the message of terrorist attacks against the Church of Christ. The attackers expect us to do this and more
The Bank of New Zealand, as I submitted, has a tax levy. The email itself shows that the bank sent something
New security features that require updated account information.

The link to this site is linked to the website that adorns the New Zealand Bank donation page. All details added
When you click the “Enter” cursor button, the view is converted to cybercrime.

In the first quarter of 2019, the highest spam march was – 56.33%. The average percentage of dollars in the global mail market
From 55.97% in the 4th quarter of 2018 (+ 0.07 gene).

The largest number of spam mail interactions in the mobile market segment until January (56.19%). Reservation value
2.01 55.48%. Quarter

Car damage
The major recession countries are China (15.82%) and USA (12.64%); Three more hands, German,
Russia (6.98%), Brazil (6.95%) and Fifth (5.86%) were third in the fourth quarter. WHO
France ranks sixth (4.26%), Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%). There are ten peaks around
Vietnam (2.18%).

The number of unsolicited e-mails (up to 2 KB) is 7.14pppp compared to the fourth quarter of 2018 in the first half of 2019. Up to
73.98%. 25
KB reports reduced by 8.27% (3.15 n) KB 1020 reports represent 5.11% of lost traffic, ie 1.08 ppm. K4. Common thing
Report from 2050 KB by 3.00% (an increase of 0.32 points compared to the 4th quarter of 2018).

In the first half of 2019 was the most popular e-mail software – Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2017-11882, 7.73%. AT
In second place are Backdoor.Win32.Androm (7.62%) and Worm.Win32.WBVB (4.80%). The fourth was rejected for further investigation
As a platform for Microsoft Office.
5. up.

By the word of God
According to reports, the number of anti-virus attacks in Germany was in third place, initially in Germany (11.88 percent).
Vietnam (6.24%) is second and Russia is third with 5.70%.

Miracle: Happiness
In the first quarter of 2019, the illegal blocking system blocked 111,832,308 attempts to target bees. 12.11% stake in Kaspersky
Customers around the world have experienced this attack

God is waiting
Last month, 2013 In the first half of the year, the majority of fishermen importing fish were Brazilians, ie 21.6 percent.
From 1.33 p.m.

Two of the top eight in Australia (17.20%), followed by Brazil the most, at 2.42%. But 4.4 p. Spain is expanding
On the other hand, 16.96 (p. 7.07), slightly below Portugal (16.86%) and Venezuela (16.72%), reached level 5.

It divides different types of attacks into different categories
Organization of databases of Kaspersky anti-fraud laboratories
Foundation. It is posted every time you log in
Click on the email. Mail or social media link, anonymous page
Bad message or reply. If the item
To take a bath, an ad appears in the browser informing the user
Potential threat

Due to weak credit unions, banks have been at the top of the list for the past three months.
5.23 p. Compared to the last figure, it increased by 25.78%.

In second place is the Global Global Portal (19.82%), Taxes
Coordination of other activities, including financial institutions
The third completed (17.33%).

In the first half of 2019, the amount of spam on social media platforms was 0.06 p.p. she was. It reached 55.97% and did not stop
the fraudulent programs
It delivered over 111,832,308 seats, which is 35,220,650 times faster than the notice period.

Scammers usually take advantage of every opportunity to use multiple profiles
Advertising program for the region (Apple Product Presentation, New Zealand)
Panic attack). Homosexuality doesn’t go away, pregnancy
These schemes are the most reliable, and cybernetics have created new security
Message from the mission ministers

In addition, attackers will continue to use social media to achieve their goals and create social media.
Use direct viewers to compete.

Source: Kaspersky Lab RU [


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