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Ranongware v5.2 GandCrab decoder released

Done on July 18, 2019

The latest CandCraft motor is replaced by a new conductive chip.

This decoder is repeated using 1, 4 and 5x or 5.2. Example 5.2 has the latest extension.
Specific designers died on May 31 before announcing the current meeting.
Sometimes they rot for a month.

The new device is the result of joint activities between Bitfender, the FBI, Europol and cybercrime investigators.
Manufacturers with Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania,
And the UK

Tools can be downloaded and downloaded from BitDefender
[From someone
Website [

Bitfender and law enforcement have worked together many times
According to the cyber enterprise, the mutual understanding of GanderCrab has caused many things.
You can enjoy more than 30,000 files and systems to store donations
About 50 million was paid. Most importantly, it helped us
Rinsomware has weakened as drivers have reduced their ability to make money
New abuse processes positive attitude
I’m looking for a new decoder, not the price set by pirates
Plaintiffs, Bogdan Botzeju, Director of Research and Reporting,
Corporate blog posts.

But bracelets have been around ever since
The Ransomware-to-A service was launched about a year ago.
When his resignation was announced, the developers said so
More than 2 billion infected countries. lower
European countries estimate that cybercrime has killed more than 1.5 million people
Millions of victims around the world.


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