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Ransomware was attacked by three of the four most popular devices

Ransomware is 77% compatible; The threat of BEC is projected to increase by 52%, and if it does not happen within a month, there
will be a quarterly decline for small and medium – sized enterprises.
The main attack shows a new discovery.

46 million meters were detected in the first half of 2019, compared to 26 million meters in the second half of 2018
Micros Roundup Media Security is a trend that is closely watched
The worlds first cyber-threat is 26.8 billion
this year.

Many families of the Rinemware program are still in this report
However, with the losses, WannaCry continues to control the government
The first six months of the year. He said: “Cybercrime is attracting attention.”
Also learn more about multinational corporations, corporations and governments
Organizations with ransomware attacks.

Serious attacks were carried out, according to the report. Lucargo
For example, ransomware is a Norwegian manufacturing company
Many factories closed at the end of March
The result was a financial loss of $ 55 million ($ 45 million). Wages in Baltimore, Maryland.3 5.3
The next cost ($ 4.3 million) is the cost of systems added to Robinhood ransomware in May.

The Email Conciliation Campaign (BCA) continues to grow in value.
52% compared to the second half of 2018
Companies in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom were formed half a year ago
It has been tested for researchers. one:

Crypto virus rhododendron is the most dangerous network
First half of 2019, but less than 60% compared to the previous year
307,703 results earlier this year compared to last year
This report shows that there were 787,146 in 2018 in the same period.
Earthquake – cryptocurrency – mining is considered cheap
Aging conditions, because many use the material in the future.
Pathogenic infectious virus network
Mild assault or theft.

The number of IoT threats increased 63% year on year
581,770 tracks were found on the H1 19 compared to the H1 18
The number of IoT devices in use is expected to reach 25 million by 2021
Earthquakes are likely to increase.

The report illustrates this in the study
50% of March teams already have experience
Attacks on their main buildings over the last two years. in
People suffering from IIoT would like to describe the negative aspects of 2019. Centomas:
The team believes online that the virus is compatible with the Triton or Tissot virus.
I did not see an analysis of the Industrial Shoe System (ICS)
United States Asia Pacific.

McAfee Trend Micros releases another release
Found. Laboratory threads release: In August 2019, 504 new threats were observed
Minutes in the first quarter of 2019, they rose by 118% in 2006
Demonstrations such as ransomware cybercriminals have implemented new tactics and codes

McAfee researchers observed the actors because of the ransomware attacks
Use anonymous users email services to campaign against them
The traditional approach to setting up a command and control server (C2).
Official and private partners often search for C2 servers to retrieve them
The answer to unlocking decryption tools. So use email
This poses a threat as a more anonymous method
Doing business in criminal activities.

The microbrision kit is the most active family of ransomware
The Dharma district (also known as the crisis) felt like goosebumps
And Ryuk. This quarter includes the famous ransomware families
McAfee was discovered to promote search threats
It has the opportunity to expand on the broader and deeper possibilities
The basic family of ransomware and simple new releases.

After the general decline of families and new developments in the EU.
At the end of 2018, the first season of 2019 became a ransomware game,
With code changes and a more centralized approach
Christian bull, McAfee, senior researcher and technician.
Payments are made for cybercrime and ultimately
Attack. They have other options for ransomware victims.
Decrypted tools and marketing information are provided by the tool
Like no more solution projects.

The third report issued by the broker is on risk management
Gilger Services Consulting receives 1.4 million small and medium enterprises from Russia
Last year, the United Kingdom was captured during a major attack or security situation.
There are 8.8 billion

In the UK, SMEs paid the DRR average last year to deal with the crisis, according to the review.

Almost a quarter (24) of the 1120 SMEs surveyed in the UK responded yes
Last year, they had 1.4 million issues
Nationally, it has risen 5% from 2017 for every six (17: 17).
Percent) affected SMEs, who spent an extra 100 to 100 million in war zones
A crisis that costs about ten (nine percent) extra
There are 20,000

A quarter (23%) of SMEs say they have a normal lifestyle
One month if due to crisis it is not possible to trade. On the basis of
According to the report there are 57 million small and medium enterprises in the United Kingdom.
Dangers of destruction this year if he is no longer traded
Wild trend.

Paul Bassett, CEO of Gallagher Crisis Management
This study identified the scale of the challenges facing the UK
Small and medium enterprises.

In times of crisis, this cleanup reflects cybersecurity and information technology
Soft, together ties represents more than 99 numbers
Percentage of private companies. The economic situation in the UK is difficult
The course will focus on services, cyber attacks and information breaches
This poses a growing threat to small and medium-sized businesses
The company said.


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